10 Best Time Management Apps for 2022

[Tested And Reviewed]

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Deyan Georgiev

Updated: October 13,2022

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Time management could be your best friend or your worst enemy.

If you’re one of the people that chose the latter option, don’t worry. Time management apps are created especially with those like you in mind.

The market is brimming with options that all seem promising.

That is until you start using them and discover that most don’t fulfill said promises.

Fortunately for you, I did a thorough evaluation of the top apps for optimal time management.

Now you get to see them!

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Top 10 Time Management Apps for 2022

Best for: Overall time management app
Time Doctor

1. Time Doctor

  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Excellent monitoring capabilities
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Best for: Time tracking solution

2. DeskTime

  • Easily customizable
  • Excellent tracking and monitoring
  • Clear/blurred/ screenshots
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Best for: Employee monitor

3. Hubstaff

  • User-friendly
  • Screenshots
  • Works offline
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Best for: Time management

4. RescueTime

  • Easily customizable
  • Weekly reports
  • Value for money
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Best for: Automatic time tracker for freelancers and companies.

5. Timely

  • Modern interface
  • User-friendly
  • Automatic timer
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Best for: Project and Task management tool

6. Trello

  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Organizing and coordinating capabilities
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Best for: Time tracker with powerful reporting

7. Toggl

  • Intuitive interface
  • Aggregated reports
  • User-friendly
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Best for: Productivity tool for workflow creation and management

8. Workflow

  • Customizable
  • User-friendly
  • Stores unlimited tasks
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Best for: App and email integration tool

9. Shift

  • Excellent organizing capabilities
  • App integrations
  • User-friendly
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Best for: Productivity app that uses music to help focus

10. Focus@Will

  • Neuroscience-based
  • Seven music genres
  • Instrumental music only
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  • To summarize – here are the best time management apps and their strongest suits:
  • Time Doctor – Best overall time management app
  • DeskTime – Best time tracking solution
  • Hubstaff – Best employee monitor
  • RescueTime – Best for time management
  • Timely – Best automatic time tracker for freelancers and companies.
  • Trello – Best project and Task management tool
  • Toggl – Best time tracker with powerful reporting
  • Workflow – Best productivity tool for workflow creation and management
  • Shift – Best app and email integration tool
  • Focus@Will – Best productivity app that uses music to help focus

How did I arrive at the top solutions?

Here’s the analysis approach that I used:


Here are the steps I took to assess the apps, to pick out the very best.

  1. signed up for accounts on the various options and experimented with them to see their capabilities or lack thereof. This way, I was able to gather first-hand experience on how the different features work, and if they fulfill time management needs.
  2. Next, I went through the various user reviews and ratings online to see feedback from hundreds of people that had subscribed to the apps.
  3. Next, I put myself in the buyer’s shoes. What would I look for in an app that should help me manage my time better or that of my employees? Here are some questions that helped me arrive at my top ten apps:
    Were the tools cost-effective?
    Do the tools have the necessary features?
    Do the paid apps offer value for money?
    Can I access all the features that I need with the free apps?
  1. Having a plan B is always a good idea. Therefore, I researched some more to come up with a list of honorable mentions. The apps on this list were not as superior as the ones on the top 10, but they’re worth a look.

This in-depth review that I wrote will make it easier for you to pick the best option that fits your business or personal needs.

Detailed Reviews

Best for: Overall time management app.

1. Time Doctor

Easy to use

Excellent monitoring capabilities

Value for money


Since its inception in 2011, Time Doctor has been helping individuals, small, medium, and large-sized companies manage their time.

Why did Time Doctor make it to our 10 time management apps list?

The answer - this app not only tracks time accurately but also handles project management and staff monitoring well.

Ease of use

Time Doctor is easy to use. You can either add a chrome extension or download the app straight to your desktop.

Signing up is straightforward and includes a wizard that requires you to fill in information that helps with hours time tracking. You can start using the app as soon as you finish signing up, which takes less than 3 minutes.

From there, you can add tasks seamlessly, and begin tracking and monitoring the work process. All a user needs to do is to fill in the task that they intend to work on, then press start.

Time Doctor’s dashboard has a simple layout that shows employee time tracking details such as hours worked, users with the highest productivity, and much more.

Note that you must sign in to Time Doctor’s web app to perform actions such as editing your account, adding extra hours, reviewing screenshots, or viewing your reports.


It helps a great deal when productivity apps for time management have screenshot features. However, note that you have to enable this feature from your settings menu.

Once you activate it, you’ll be able to see shots of your employee activity in real-time. This is an essential feature if you have remote workers and would like to ensure that they spend their working time productively.

The employee time tracking app gives you a laser vision showing you whether you or your employees use time productively. The app keeps track of all activities during working hours and shows apps and websites visited.

Wait, there’s more:

Employers can use webcams to see what employees are doing in real-time. Although the feature might feel like an invasion of privacy, honest and hardworking employees have nothing to hide, right?

App integration

Another reason we picked this app is that it gives you the liberty to allow/disallow app integrations. Once you connect Time Doctor to your favorite apps, you can manage all your projects under one interface.

You can integrate this time tracking software with hundreds of apps. Time Doctor’s Chrome extension helps you track the time that you or your employees spend on other apps.

Here’s the list of apps that you can link Time Doctor with:

  • Basecamp
  • FreshBooks
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • WordPress
  • Redbooth
  • GitHub


As much as the internet makes it easier to manage remote teams, it’s also full of temptations. With constant social media alerts, captivating internet stories, videos, movie trailers, you or your staff wander off, interfering with productivity.

Another of the reasons why we added Time Doctor to our top time management apps for 2022 list is because of its alerting capabilities. The app sends a pop-up to you or your workers when engaging in distracting activities. The alert asks you if one is still working on your assigned task.

Reporting and analytics

Time Doctor has a report feature that summarizes tracking and monitoring details. However, you can only access these via the web, rather than on your desktop app.

Time Doctor has a timeline report that shows both manual and automatic time that your app has picked. Also, the report shows the start and finish time spent on each website.

Advanced Features

With advanced features like payroll, it’s easy to see why Time Doctor is the most recommended time management app. This feature is customizable, but in general, it gives you details such as employee name, time worked, pay rate, and total pay. Sure, TimeDoctor isn’t the best payroll software out there, but it gets the job done.

The app sends you an email after each pay period to remind you to review the payroll details. After evaluation, you can “approve,” then “send” to make a payment.

With the work hours tracker, you have three options to pay your staff; PayPal, Payoneer, or TransferWise.

Client support

When evaluating different top time management apps, it’s crucial to consider the quality of customer service that they offer. How long do they take before responding to queries and complaints?

Well, Time Doctor provides several client support options such as:

  • Email – Here, you have to raise a support ticket, and then support staff responds to you via email.
  • Dashboard help – There’s inbuilt help software on your dashboard that has a support link.
  • Videos – 11 videos with tutorials.
  • Help Center – Here, you can query information to get access to how-tos and guides on how to troubleshoot.
  • Social media – Time doctor regularly posts on its Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Blog – Contains tips on productivity and related articles.


Time Doctor has a free 14-day trial, which is ample time for you to test its functionalities. If you like the app, you can subscribe for either of the following;

  • Business – $49/ month (Up to 5 users)
  • Enterprise – $99/month (Up to 5 users)


Time Doctor provides an efficient way for you to track your productivity or monitor your staff. Also, the app provides an easy way to manage different projects.

The payroll feature allows you to pay your staff in a hassle-free way. The app also allows you to integrate, which plays an essential role in enhancing the existing features.  Overall, Time Doctor offers value for money.

However, note that the phone version can be laggy. Also, you can’t use the app on your stopwatch unless you have Chrome.

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Best for: Time tracking solution.

2. DeskTime

No keystroke login

Excellent tracking and monitoring

Easily customizable


DeskTime is suitable for freelancers, agencies, SMEs, startups, and enterprises. Draugiem Group created the app and launched it in the market in 2011. Since then, the app has been helping companies boost productivity with its excellent monitoring and tracking capabilities.

Ease of use

DeskTime makes it to our list because it’s easy to use during and post sign-up. The app has an easy six-step setup wizard. Here, you either manually add team members or import them from Gmail, Slack, or CSV file.

The task management app is easy to navigate. From the dashboard, you can see which team members are presently working, slacking, or late. If you want to narrow it down, you can scroll further down to see exact hours on desk time, productive time, active projects as well as arriving and leaving times.


Is your employees’ productivity on the decline? This time management planner app enables you to monitor what they are doing during their work hours.

Monitoring internet usage is one way to reduce slacking and accurately determine whether your employees are using their time appropriately. You can also track sick leaves, off days, and vacations, to enable you to plan for project assignments.

The app takes screenshots, which are valuable to both employees and employers, especially when it comes to settling payment disputes.


If you’ve been looking for a time management app for iPhone to track your staff, this might be a good option for you. Aside from downloading the DeskTime app to your iPhone, you can also download it to your Android phone and desktop.

The app allows you to track both online and offline activities to give you an accurate overview of your team’s productivity. For starters, you can monitor websites and apps that you or your employees visit and classify them as productive or unproductive.

The app also allows you to track your team’s workload regarding details like pending or late projects. The data can help you in future planning of estimates regarding project completion deadlines.

Unfortunately, DeskTime does not have automated alerts. Therefore, this might not be the best option for you if you need an app to nudge whenever you veer off productive working.

Reporting and analytics

The time management calculator app presents the data in the form of reports. The reports are essential for helping you compare employee or team performance.

A project manager or organization owner has access to reports of the staff they manage. On the other hand, the staff members only have access to individual reports.

If you’d like to use the reports to calculate more in-depth data, you can export Desktime files to excel. Unfortunately, the reports are limited in the amount of information they can display.

Advanced features 

One of the reasons why DeskTime is on our list is because it has a Pomodoro timer. The inbuilt timer reminds staff to teak breaks to avoid getting burnout.

We all forget to slow down sometimes, and this may lead to chronic fatigue. As you may know, burnout is counterproductive, and it helps to have an app that reminds you to rest periodically.

App integration

Good time management apps are those that can work well with other apps for maximum productivity. Also, the integrations help supervisors and managers have different aspects of a project under one roof for efficiency.

The following are some of your favorite work tools that you can link with DeskTime;

  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Google Calendar
  • Zapier
  • Gitlab
  • Base camp, amongst others.

Client Support

With any product or service, client support is vital. One of the quickest ways to reach DeskTime’s support is via live chat, which allows you to get real-time solutions to your problem.

Another way to reach the app’s support is by sending an email, then wait for support to reply in a few hours.

Another option is to use DeskTime’s contact form. The form requires you to fill in simple details like name email and message then clicking on “send.”

The last option is by seeking assistance through the company’s social media accounts. DeskTime has accounts in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Do you need time management apps with free accounts to test the waters? DeskTime has Lite, which is free of charge.

But here’s the catch:

Only one user can access this account, and it’s also limited in terms of features.

If you want more features, or have more than one team member, worry not, for there are plenty of options.

Here are the paid options:

  • Pro – $5.84/month per user.
  • Premium – $7.75/month per user per month.
  • Enterprise- $11.88/month per user.


DeskTime offers value for money, with its employee monitoring, project management, as well as tracking features. Also, the app is easy to set up and use.

Desktime also starts the timer automatically, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it on manually.

Although the tool is lacking in terms of report provision, absence of keystroke logins, and automated alerts, it’s still a reliable software with lots of customization options.

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Best for: Employee monitor.

3. Hubstaff


Works offline



Hubstaff is one of the most popular time management apps that has been in the market since 2012. It has been helping businesses track time and monitor employees to increase productivity. The app is suitable for remote workers as well as field staff such as landscapers, designers, cleaners, and attorneys, among many others.

Ease of Use

The dashboard has a user-friendly interface, and everything is within reach. From the panel, reports, invoices, timesheets, weekly activities, projects, and many more are just a click away.

Remember to set your preferences from the “Adjust settings” menu at the top of your profile. Here, you can set things like; idle time out, screenshot frequency, and tracking apps and websites.


Do you prefer seeing proof regarding what your staff is working on at all times? In that case, Hubstaff is the ideal app for you.

Hubstaff is one of our top 10 time management apps because it has a screenshot feature to capture an employee’s activity. You can customize this feature to suit your preference. For instance, you can set screen capture to happen once or twice every ten minutes.


This app allows you or your team to track every single project by enabling the timer. Note that at the end of a work period, users must stop the timer manually.

Also, the app records productivity based on a user’s mouse movements or keyboard strokes. The actions let the system know whether an employee is working or sitting idle.

Alerting and notifications

Hubstaff sends alerts when the mouse or keyboard is idle for a longer period. At the end of a working day, you or your employee have to stop the timer to prevent it from sending alerts.

Hubstaff also has a notifications center that informs you about the goings-on in your organization. To access your notifications, click on the icon that resembles a gift box at the top-right corner of your dashboard.

Reports and analytics

Hubstaff is one of the most useful time management apps on our list because it has a reporting feature that captures detailed and accurate reports from timesheets. The reports contain crucial data regarding how much time your team has worked, and amounts owed to them.

The reports feature on this app is customizable, thus allowing you to get the specific data that you need. In other words, you can filter your reports to display data by team members, week, client, or task.

Advanced features

Your team can also track time whenever they’re in the field, using an accurate GPS feature with geo-fencing. To use this feature, a user has to download the Hubstaff GPS time clock app on Android or iOS.

The great thing about this feature is that it automatically starts and stops the timer. If you’re in the transport business, the app allows you to track your fleet for easier management. However, note that features only come with the premium and enterprise plans.

App integration

Hubstaff integrates with other apps to maximize productivity. The app allows you to see what you or your team members are doing when on other apps.

Here’s are some examples of apps that you can link Hubstaff with:

  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Active collab
  • Trello
  • GitLab

Client Support

If you need general information about the app, there’s a wealth of knowledge in the help guide. The app also provides ways to reach customer care such as:

  • Submitting a ticket
  • Emailing support through support@hubstaff.com

Unfortunately, this app doesn’t have a live chat option.


Are you looking for an app for freelance time tracking that’s free? This app has a free account that offers basic features. To top it up, you can also create a trial-free account that runs for 14 days.

However, if you need more advanced features like mobile GPS tracking, invoicing, payroll, amongst others, a paid plan would suit you better. The following are Hubstaff’s paid plans;

  • Basic – $7/user/month (Minimum 2 users)
  • Premium -$10/user/month (minimum 2 users )
  • Enterprise – $20/user/month (minimum 2 users)

To view each plan’s features, please visit Hubstaff’s website.


Hubstaff is worth a consideration if you’re looking for an app that can help you or your organization manage time better. The app streamlines time tracking and employee monitoring seamlessly.

The screenshot feature might feel intrusive for some users. However, if you have doubts about why your employee productivity is low, this feature can help shed some light on the issue.

Although this app is suitable for remote workers, it works best if your staff work on desktops. Also, the app’s price is a little steep compared to that of its competitors.

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Best for: Time management.

4. RescueTime

Easily customizable

Value for money

Weekly reports


A small team of developers, engineers, data scientists, and other professionals came together to create RescueTimeThis app falls under time management apps for professionals or students (groups or individuals). Read on to see why we picked RescueTime.

Ease of use

One of the reasons why RescueTime made it to our list is because of its easy-to-use interface. Signing up is also easy, and almost instant.

All you have to do is provide an email address and a password, and you’re in! Once you confirm your email, the app will bring forth a wizard, asking you to list things you consider productive or non-productive.

Once you set your category, you can start using the app. Navigating the entire app is a breeze!


One of the most important characteristics when it comes to time management app selection is the ability to monitor teams. This app has an hours tracker to help you track your team remotely.

Soon after signing up, RescueTime will ask you to preset productive and non-productive activities. For instance, you can set “business” or “research” under “productive” activities and social media as “non-productive.”

From here, the app categorizes every website that your staff visits under the preset categories. However, please note that categorizing does not take effect immediately.


Once you set your parameters, this time tracker will offer you alerts either in the form of pop-ups or on-screen notifications. The alerts primarily notify you about distractions or time spent on productiveness. Unfortunately, this feature only comes with the premium option or RescueTime for Orgs.

Reporting and analytics

This time management tracker provides reports for all your team’s or personal activities.

The reports show the percentage and actual time spent on different websites and categorize them as either:

  • Productive
  • Very productive
  • Non-productive
  • Neutral
  • Distractive
  • Very distractive

Advanced features

If you’re looking for apps to help with time management that come with advanced options, this is one of them. The options help you tailor-make the app to suit your needs. Some of the features here are:

  • Blocking distracting websites
  • Logging highlights
  • Goal setting

App integration

RescueTime allows you to integrate it with other partner services. The ability to integrate expands on functionality, promoting productivity. There are two connective services that you can link RescueTime with, namely:

  • Zapier

You can also link RescueTime to applications like:

  • Slack
  • Automatic
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Google Calendar
  • Gyroscope
  • GIT
  • Git Hub
  • Office 365 Calebder
  • Exist.io
  • Zenobase
  • Beeminder

Once you link RescueTime to third-party services, note that they will only have read permission.

Client Support

This app gives you two customer support options. For starters, you can use “Help” to access the app’s vast knowledge base.

If you don’t get the answer you need, you can proceed to the “Contact Us” support option. Alternatively, you can click on the big question mark on the bottom right corner of your app, to access “instant answers.”

Also, you can click on “ask” to chat support staff and send them an email. The support staff takes a few hours max to reply to emails.


Are you looking for free time management apps? RescueTime comes with a free version as well as two paid alternatives.

The paid alternatives and here they are:

  • RescueTime Premium – $6 per user/month
  • RescueTime for Orgs – $6 per user/month


If you or your team wants to spend time more productively, RescueTime has a lot to offer. The app allows you to customize it to your liking and sends you daily, weekly, and monthly reports to help you manage your time better.

However, beware that this software doesn’t allow you to monitor or spy on your staff. The app’s sole purpose is to show you the bigger picture by uncovering trends and habits that may be hindering your team’s productivity.

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Best for: Automatic time tracker for freelancers and companies.

5. Timely

Modern interface

Automatic timer



Timely offers a quick and accurate mode of tracking time. Mathias Mikkelsen created the time management apps for work in 2013. If you’re looking for the proverbial 25th hour, Timely will undoubtedly help you find it.

This app is suitable for both individuals and larger teams of up to 250 and above.

Ease of use

Timely has an uncomplicated interface. The sign-up process is also a breeze.

Timely is the best timesheet app that allows you to organize your worksheets more efficiently and you can start doing so soon after sign-up. The workspace layout has everything in sight and is easy to navigate.

At a glance, CEOs, project managers, or supervisors can see the following details from different team members:

  • Total hours worked
  • Overtime
  • Missing hours


The app has a memory tracker that works quietly in the background. This feature monitors all the apps and sites that you visit.

However, note that this app doesn’t have a screenshot feature. If you’re looking for a solution that can take screenshots, the good news is that there are plenty of other options on our list.


This is one of the time management apps for iPad for smooth tracking on the go. The app allows you to estimate the time that you might need to complete a project right away. That way, you can compare your projections with how much time you actually took to complete a task.

Reports and analytics

Timely offers custom reports that use a modular interface. On the “Reports” tab you can add different data sets, apply filters, or even add personal branding.

What’s more?

You can send reports to recipients using simple link sharing.

Advanced features

Do you sometimes have to work on the go? Are you looking for an app that can notify you about important events like log in hours, budget updates, or project activity?

Then Timely will perfectly suit your needs.

You can set push notifications on Timely, and this is the reason why we picked this app as one of the top ones for Android devices. You can also set the notifications on iOS, and this works on any subscription plan.

Once you install the app, go to settings, and do the following to enable the notifications.

  • For iOS – “Allow push notifications.”
  • For Android – “Show notifications.”

App integration

Sometimes, you have to spend time working on other tools, and Timely enables you to track that time. This app allows you to link to other apps, from project management to communication, to accounting to design, name it.

Here are examples of tools that you can integrate with Timely. Note the list isn’t exhaustive.

  • Asana
  • Zoom
  • Google Docs
  • Illustrator
  • GitLab
  • Freshbooks

Client support

Timely offers different customer service reports, namely:

  • Getting started guide
  • Live chat
  • Webinars
  • Help center
  • In-app support
  • Email


This app has no free account but has a variety of paid options. However, the project management app has a 30-day trial period. Here are Timely’s plans:

  • Moonlight – $5/month (billed yearly)
  • Freelancer – $11/month (billed yearly)
  • Professional – $18/month (billed yearly)


Is Timely worth it? If you’re looking for an app that can help you mark entire blocks of time/days for project assignments, then Timely is the app for you. This app also combines time tracking and scheduling, helping you manage your projects more efficiently.

The fact that you don’t need to start the timer manually is one of the most attractive qualities of this app. It also has drag-and-drop capabilities that simplify work and save time.

The app can be a little overwhelming to understand at first. Also, the app can be a bit costly since the billing is annual.

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Best for: Project and Task management tool.

6. Trello

Clean, intuitive interface

Organizing and coordinating capabilities

Flexible and customizable


Fog Creek software created Trello in 2011 and later sold it to Atlassian. If you’re looking for a time tracking app this one might not be the best option for you. The app is more of a collaboration tool than a time management app. The app uses Kanban software to create fun boards, cards, and lists to help organize, coordinate, and track workflows. You can either use Trello solo or with teams. On top of that, Trello is one of the best project management tools out there.

Ease of Use

If you need an app that can help you organize your to-do lists, Trello can do the job perfectly. Creating boards with this app is easy. Start by filling out your information on a simple form on the left side of your screen.

The software then relays the information and displays it neatly on boards on the right-hand side of your screen. For instance, we wanted to “create teams”, and we filled out the information, as shown above.

Clicking on the arrow below your form leads you to the next step and you can continue filling out details like:

  • Things to do
  • Doing
  • Done

Note that if you’re working with a large team, you must set rules to define workflows so that everyone can be on the same page.


Good time management apps should let you track time, as well as monitor your employees. At a glance, you can see what your team members are doing by looking at the app’s boards. The boards show tasks to do, who is doing what, and completed tasks.

However, bear in mind that this tool doesn’t have a screenshot feature.


Trello has a notifications feature that shows details like;

  • Comments from other users
  • Upcoming due dates
  • Card attachments
  • Card archives and movements

Reports and analytics

If you want to see aggregate data, use Power-Up to create reports using cards. Start by using a date range to get a detailed report on a project’s progress.

From here, you’ll be able to see what different team members are working or already completed. From here, you can also see what tasks have taken the most time for better planning in the future.

If you want, you can also export your reports to CSV or Excel for record-keeping.

Advanced features

Have you been looking for apps for time management with a butler feature? Sometimes it helps to have a little helper to keep things in check. This app has custom buttons, rules, and commands. Specific actions prompt the app to allow or disallow depending on the rules that you’ve set.

App integration

Using Trello doesn’t mean that you can no longer use your favorite work tools. You can link the app with other tools for better productivity. Examples of top integrations here are;

  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Adobe XD
  • Chrome

Client Support

Trello has documentation that’s rich in knowledge regarding common solutions on how to troubleshoot or navigate around the app. If you don’t get what you need from the knowledge base, go to the “Ask the Trello Community” tab, or “Ask Trello Support.”


Are you looking for the best free time management apps? Sometimes, we need to be sure about the software before making a payment, right?

Trello has a free downloadable version. If you want to integrate Trello with over one service, you can opt for the paid plans such as:

  • Free – $0
  • Trello Business – $9.99/month
  • Trello Enterprise – Tiered costs


Trello is suitable for anyone looking to minimize mental overload and wants to organize tasks in a memorable way for easier coordination. If you’re a visual learner, you’ll find this tool very appealing.

The app also has a variety of templates that cover a range of categories. Also, you can customize your cards by labeling or adding pictures if you like.

However, bear in mind that this tool isn’t ideal for time tracking, and is more of a project organization application. Also, you can’t use this software offline in cases where you have to work away from the internet.

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Best for: Time tracker with powerful reporting.

7. Toggl

Intuitive interface


Aggregated reports


A remote team of like-minded individuals came together to create Toggl. Toggl headquarters is in Estonia, but core creators are scattered around the globe. Toggl believes that software should not get in people’s way, and its sole purpose should be to empower.

Ease of Use

Toggl has an uncluttered user interface that’s easy to use. To start using the  time management apps for Windows and other operating systems, start by setting the timer. Next, describe your activity, and finally create a project, to begin working.

Create a workspace and invite colleagues. Each of your team members will receive an email with details of your invitation.

From your workspace, features like reports, insights, projects, teams amongst many others are within easy reach. Once you start the timer, the app works in the background, and only sends you alerts when need be.


Toogl is one of the top time management apps for remote workers. From the dashboard, you can set time estimates for each project, and review them from time to time to monitor progress. Unfortunately, this software does not have a screenshot feature, so you have to rely on worksheets to track your team’s productivity.


Do you often wander off during work hours? Toggl can help. The app detects idle time and sends you subtle alerts to let you know that you’re slacking.

Toggle reminds you to continue tracking once you switch from one task to another one. The app also alerts you regarding missed projects.

Reports and analytics

Toggl has a powerful reporting feature. You can filter your reports by client, date, team member, or project.

The hourly reports are detailed, reliable, and you can use them to bill your clients.

Advanced features

Few time management apps for iPhones allow syncing of data across all platforms. Fortunately, Toggl will enable you to access your data from multiple devices such as desktop, mobile, or browser extensions.

App integration

Are you worried that you might not be able to use your favorite apps anymore? Worry no more. Toggl allows app integrations, with over 100 tools.

Here are some of the tools that you can integrate Toggl with:

  • Asana
  • Evernote
  • Google Drive
  • Teamwork
  • Jira

Client Support

Whenever you need help, you can query Toggl’s extensive knowledge base to get information that you may need.

The knowledge base has articles, tutorials, and images to help you understand the app better. There are cases where you can’t get the help you need from the documentation. In such scenarios, you can contact support directly via email.


Toggl has a free plan that offers basic time tracking for teams with less than five people. If you want access to more features or your organization has over five users, consider the paid plans.

The good news is that the app has a 30-day trial free period for both starter and premium plans.

Here are the Toggl’s plans and costs:

  • Starter – $9 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Premium – $18 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing and incorporates all Starter and Premium features.

To view each plan’s features, please visit Toggl’s website.


If you’re looking for a reliable time tracker, Toggl is worth a shot. The tool allows you to track time as well and monitor project progress through reports and worksheets. Also, you can use Toggl both off and online.

Have you always wanted an app that can allow commenting on time entries? Toggl’s on “tags’ ‘ feature can help you do that.

In cases where you’d like to view monthly summaries, you might not be able to do this on Toggl. You can only view weekly summaries. Also, bear in mind you can’t invoice using the app.

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Best for: Productivity tool for workflow creation and management.

8. Workflow


Stores unlimited tasks



Workflow’s release date was 2015. The app is a powerful automation tool that removes redundancy from your everyday tasks. The app lets you perform repetitive tasks by the press of one button.

Ease of Use

Have you been evaluating time management phone apps trying to pick one that is easy to use? Well, you’ll be happy to know that using this app is like a walk in the park with its drag-and-drop interface.

What’s more, you don’t need any programming experience.

Workflow has an intuitive interface that connects many repetitive workflows into one action. All you need to do is to combine similar activities to create a workflow, and voila!

After dragging and dropping apps into your working window, the app neatly arranges workflows in a series of rectangles. All the rectangles have titles, respective icons, and different colors. To view a workflow’s actions, tap on a rectangle to open it.

Workflow creation

Workflow has inbuilt actions that you must fill in to create workflows. You can also download workflows to the “My workflows” section, then  arrange activities in the order that you’d like them to run, for instance;

  • Get files
  • Preview files
  • Open files

Here’s how to create a workflow:

  • Go to the right-hand corner of your screen and tap the + button.
  • Next, tap on “Create workflow.”
  • Select the type of workflow that you want to create from the horizontal list at the top.
  • Next, tap on the actions button and drag all the actions that you need for your workflow.

How do you find your saved workflows?

You can start by running a search on your app. Just type the name of your workflow, and the system will bring it forth.

You can also add more workflows from your iOS home screen.

Workflow management

As you build more workflows, it might get to a point where you’re unable to manage them. Fortunately, the automation software helps you manage your workflows more efficiently.

Here are ways that the app helps you manage workflows:

  • Arranging workflows in a sequence, i.e., from those you frequently use to those you use less often.
  • Workflow duplication
  • Workflow deletion
  • Workflow sharing

Client Support

Once you download the app, Workflow will run a tutorial to guide you on how to operate the app. The Workflow gallery also contains workflows created by other users or Workflow staff to give you an idea of where to start.

Also, the Workflow help section has a knowledge base that contains a lot of valuable information.

Alternatively, you can contact support directly by emailing support@workflow.is.


Would you like to download Workflow for your iOS device? Download Workflow from the App Store at the cost of $2.99.


Workflow can help you boost your productivity, by reducing redundancy, thus saving time. If you’re looking for time management apps for iPhone with a tracker, this might not work for you. However, we have a list of monitoring and tracking tools on our list that you can use.

The major drawback of this application is that it doesn’t have a syncing device feature. For instance, if you save your work on your iPhone, you won’t be able to use it on your iPad later on.

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Best for: App and email integration tool.

9. Shift

Excellent organizing capabilities


App integrations


In a business environment, it’s sometimes necessary to have multiple accounts, apps, workflows. Shift Technologies Inc. created the app in 2016, to help teams and individuals streamline workflows, accounts, and apps. With the app, you don’t have to log out when moving from one account to the next, thus saving on time.

Ease of Use

Time management apps and tools should be user-friendly. Shift is very easy to navigate. From your profile, you can read emails from multiple accounts. You can also share info with team members, use your calendar or access all your favorite apps.

Besides merging/unifying your emails, the app also allows you to filter emails by date, client, recipients.

Single sign-on

Have you been wondering how you can access different emails without logging in and out? The app offers a single sign-on, where you can access everything that you need with one login.

Therefore, you don’t have to cram different passwords or waste time logging in and out of accounts and apps. For external applications, the application saves login details for you, so you don’t have to key them in every time.


Navigating through different accounts might make it impossible for you to notice critical incoming emails. Shift notifies you every time you receive an email.

Have you ever forgotten to reply to a client’s email? Well, Shift also sends you reminders to help you get back to people waiting to hear from you.

Task management

Shift has an inbuilt task management functionality that allows you to create workflows. You can customize your workflows to suit your specific needs.

You can also create multiple workspaces depending on your work requirements as well. The app aggregates all these different workspaces into one desktop and uses split-screen to allow the simultaneous viewing of the unified workspace.

App integration

Achieving maximum productivity sometimes requires many different tools. You can integrate Shift with hundreds of apps without the tedious work of logging in and out.

You can link Shift to the following apps and extensions:

  • PayPal
  • Facebook
  • Messanger
  • Slack
  • WordPress
  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Banks (Barclays Bank of America)

Client Support

The app has a virtual assistant that helps users navigate through the app with ease. The application also has a blog page that regularly posts articles on how to improve productivity.

Also, Shift has a media kit that you can use to learn more about the app. You can also contact support directly by raising a ticket.

Reporting and analytics

Shift generates productivity reports to outline your productivity throughout a work period.


Shift has three account options. Unfortunately, this app has no free trial, and you have to download it before use. Here are Shift’s plans and their costs:

  • Basic – Free 
  • Advanced- $99
  • Shift for Teams – Custom price


If you’re tired of the chaos of running from app to app or email to email, the Shift is the best solution for you. Do you want to boost your productivity both at work and on a personal level? As the name suggests, Shift lets you “shift” from one app/account to another without logging out!

Note that this app doesn’t have a mobile version. The app also has a lot of bugs, which is a little concerning, bearing in mind that it’s quite expensive. Also, if you need a task and time management app with a tracker, this might not work for you. Fortunately, we have other options on our list with the feature.

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Best for: Productivity app that uses music.

10. Focus@Will

Instrumental music only


Seven music genres


Do you need another time management app that’s suitable for use on your iPhone? Focus@Will is one of the other useful time management apps that are iPhone-compatible. The app contains different genres of instrumental music. Will Henshall and John Vitale created the app in 2011.

The two founders realized that some sounds work well to promote calmness, thus improving concentration. According to the company, the app can help increase productivity by 400%. The app is suitable for both teams and individuals.

Ease of Use

Focus@Will has an easy-to-use slider that lets you change the music to find songs you prefer. Some songs might work for you on certain days and might not work on others.

The interface is pretty easy to navigate. The top left-hand corner of your screen has the different music genres displayed in a drop-down manner.

You can also adjust your music’s energy levels if you like. The different options here are low, medium, and high.


Above the play button is a clock icon that works as a timer. You can pre-set your timer to stop at any given time, between 1 to 240 minutes.

Once your pre-defined time elapses, the timer alerts you with a soft chime, and the music stops. The action lets you know how long you’ve focused on a specific task.

The timer alerts the system that your timed session is over, hence automatically stopping the music. Note that the timer is optional, so you don’t have to use it if it doesn’t appeal to you.

Productivity tracker

This is one of the most useful time management apps because it allows you to rate your productivity. The software has a scale that you can adjust to mark where your productivity lies after a session.

Not a fan of setting your productivity? Worry not. The system automatically displays each of your sessions as a bar.

Client Support

Are you skeptical regarding whether the app works? At the “how it works” page, there’s a link to scientific studies to show that the right music can help people focus.

The company also has a blog and a FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions. If you have any queries or concerns, you can reach out directly to support by raising a ticket.


Work@Will has a 30-day trial period for individuals. The app also offers a money-back guarantee if you decide to discontinue your subscription. However, note that you have to cancel within the free trial period to get a refund.

Here are the app’s payment plans:

  • Annual – $35 per year
  • Two year – $30 per year ($60 billed every two years)
  • VIP – $150 once off payment for a lifetime’s access

Note that you have to fill in your payment details before accessing the trial free period. Options here include cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express) or PayPal.

Here is the breakdown of costs for the workplace version:

  • 2-5 users – $9.95 per user/month
  • 6-50 users – $8.85 per user/month
  • 51-150 users- $6.95 per user/month
  • 151-250 users – $4.95 per user/month
  • Over 250 users – Custom price


Are you worried that listening to music might create a distraction? The app is science-based and only has calming instrumental music, as opposed to loud distracting music containing words. All you need is an iOS device, earphone, and the Focus@Will app.

This app has one major downside for people looking for accounts: It’s not free. Also, you can’t use the app solo, and even the cheapest plan requires two to five users.

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Honorable Mentions

The above list of time management apps is one we carefully selected after doing in-house testing. We also went through user reviews to see what users on the ground had to say.

We also came up with an extended list of apps that you can also use for time management in certain situations.

Here’s the list:

1. My Life Organized (MLO)

Pros Cons
Allows multiple task creation No calendar
Small manageable tasks  

MLO is a task management tool that allows the creation of tasks in elegant to-do lists. The app is easy to navigate and allows you to focus on the most urgent work.

When evaluating time management phone apps it’s good to ensure that they can send you reminders of things to do whenever you’re out of the house. The best feature of MLO is that it has a location-based reminder. For instance, the app can send you a list of people to see once you’re in a particular location.

If you prefer, you can also break your tasks into subtasks and add dependencies to create a hierarchy. However, synching is a bit off for the price.

2. Todoist

Pros Cons
User-friendly Hard to manage labels
Interactive feedback
300 tasks limit

Todoist is an organizational tool that gives you a clear overview of tasks. The application is suitable for both individuals and is excellent for tracking productivity. Todoist sends you a message every time you complete a task, helping you stay on track with pending and completed tasks.

The app also lets you share tasks and notifies you when your team members complete tasks or make a comment. However, if you have a team, the app might not accommodate your needs if you’d like to create over 300 tasks.

3. Asana

Pros Cons
Prioritization Not user-friendly
Lots of features No time tracking
Has a free plan  

It doesn’t have dedicated apps for Windows or macOS, but is cloud-based, thus available on every device.

Asana is a project management app that organizes your tasks and keeps your team connected. With the app, you can create, share, and organize your work in a way that suits you.

You can also set priorities and deadlines for the most urgent work. Also, you can identify risks prior, before they wreak havoc on your entire project.

Bear in mind that the software can be hard to use for first-timers. However, experienced project managers have an easy time navigating it.

Buying Guide: How To Choose the Right Time Management App

There are so many apps in the market today that can help you manage your time. How do you choose the right one?

We’ve prepared a buyer’s guide for you to help you make an informed decision. The following are things to consider before hitting that “Download” or “sign-up” button.

  • Price

What’s your budget? Some apps are more expensive than others, and it helps to consider how much you’re comfortable spending.

Also, some applications require you to subscribe to paid plans to access crucial features.

The good news is that most apps either have a free plan or a trial free period that allows you to experiment with the app before making a purchase decision.

  • Are you a freelancer or a CEO?

Do you want to buy the app for personal use or for use by an entire team? Some of the best personal time management apps do not work well for large companies.

Some time management applications also work best on-site, hence not suitable for field workers. Others are also suitable for managers, while others are ideal for freelancers.

  • What are your needs?

Considering an app’s features is an integral part of the purchase process. If you need a screenshot feature to monitor your employees or to claim for payment, some apps might let you down.

Also, if you have to rely on a timer to keep you on track, you might prefer some apps over others. If you prefer aggregate reports to give you a clear picture of your team’s productivity, some apps might not work for you.

  • App integrations

Sometimes, it’s essential to combine different apps for maximum productivity. One app might lack in a feature, but another app might offer a solution. Therefore, the best apps to manage time are those that leave room for integration.

  • Device compatibility

What operating system do your devices run on? Bear in mind that some apps only work with specific OSs, and signing up for them might require upgrades that you hadn’t planned for, time and money-wise. For instance, some time management apps for macOS will not work on Windows and vice versa.

Some apps also work best on desktops, while others are ideal for mobile use.

Benefits of Using Time Management Apps

There are numerous pros to using such apps, but let’s just name a few of the biggest ones.

Accurate billing 

Most apps for time management have inbuilt billing and invoicing features, that clearly show amounts owed together with supporting info such as billable time.

If you’re a freelancer, keeping track of how many hours you’ve worked can be hard, especially if you work for multiple clients. Luckily the apps store all the necessary data you need to prove your productivity effortlessly.

Improved productivity

Ah! The magic that happens when employees know that you’re tracking or monitoring them! Everyone tends to do what they’re supposed to do because reports will relay what they’ve been up to during work hours.

If you intend to improve personal productivity, time management apps can help identify your weaknesses to help you grow productively. Also, the alerts nudge you back to working whenever you veer off your assigned tasks.

Employee monitoring

Do you keep seeing more invoices and less work? Managing a remote team can be hard without an app that can monitor and track time.

Time management apps for PC and other devices can help determine if employee output equals money owed. Screenshots, reports, and notifications are just a few of the features that can help monitor your employees.

Better workload management

Some apps allow you to estimate the time that you predict a project will take from start to finish. Such features can help you re-adjust project planning, in instances where a project takes too long or is over before the pre-determined time.

Better communication

Time management apps allow for daily/weekly/monthly reporting. You or your team can share regular report updates to keep the client in the loop regarding project status. Most popular time management apps also allow integrations with other communications tools.

Increasing efficiency

Have you been working too much yet, seeing little or no results? It could be that you or your team are unknowingly wasting time on unimportant tasks. Time tracking and project management apps can help improve efficiency by eliminating redundant tasks. The applications also identify areas of weakness, such as spending too much time on social media.

Paid vs. Free Time Management Apps

Free apps to help with time management might help you get by if you’re not looking to spend any money. However, bear in mind that free apps only have limited features. On the other hand, paid counterparts, have maximum features to help you attain most productivity.

Wrap Up

Time management apps are essential for tracking, monitoring, and managing projects and time to improve productivity. With the right app, you or your employees can reap the benefits of better time management habits.

And if you haven’t used one up until now, your life is about to change.

The question is – are you ready for such a change?

I’m sure that you are already interested in one or two of the apps I’ve reviewed. So it’s time to turn a new page in your work life and reap the benefits.

What are you waiting for?


How do you keep track of schedule?

You can keep track of your schedule by using a time management app. Some apps also have project management capabilities, helping you plan your project in achievable milestones.

What are four time management tools?

Examples of four time management tools are:

  • To-do lists
  • Calendars
  • Time planner
  • Digital assistants.

How do I organize my calendar?

  1. Schedule everything
  2. Break down your tasks in smaller achievable activities.
  3. Prioritize tasks from the most to least urgent.
  4. Use the right tools to help you manage your time better.

What is the best app for time management?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to selecting suitable time management apps. One app might work in a particular situation and not in another. Here’s a list of suitable candidates when it comes to the time and project management dockets:

  1. Time Doctor
  2. Desktime
  3. Hubstaff
  4. RescueTime
  5. Timely
  6. Trello
  7. Toggl
  8. Workflow
  9. Shift
  10. Focus@will


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