10 Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2022

[Tested & Reviewed]

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Updated: October 13,2022

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Finding the right employee monitoring software is a difficult task.

There are hundreds of solutions out there. So how to pick the best one for your business?

Well, I did thorough research, found and tested each of the best employee monitoring software firsthand.

Not only that, but I wrote a detailed review, including each of the apps strong and weak points.

But there’s more!

On this page, you’ll also find:

  • The comprehensive methodology I used to find and test the solutions.
  • practical buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect tool for your business.
  • An overview of the benefits of using professional employee monitoring software.

So, without further ado, let’s check out our top performers.

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Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software for 2022

Best for: Overall

1. Teramind

  • Excellent monitoring capabilities
  • Live video streaming
  • Customization
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Best for: Value for money
Time Doctor 2

2. Time Doctor 2

  • Price
  • Payroll
  • Ease of use
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Best for: Detailed reports

3. ActivTrak

  • Ease of use
  • Free account
  • Excellent alerting module
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Best for: Employee monitoring software for PC

4. Controlio

  • Real-time surveillance
  • Optional stealth mode
  • Continuous screen recording
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Best for: Employee monitoring software for SME
iMonitor 365

5. iMonitor 365

  • Reporting
  • Live camera
  • Can block apps and websites
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Best for: All-in-one employee monitoring software

6. DeskTime

  • Price
  • Free account
  • Reports comparison
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Best for: Small businesses and startups
Insightful logo

7. Insightful

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Reliable 24/7 support
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Best for: Remote employee monitoring

8. Hubstaff

  • Free account
  • Value for money
  • GPS tracking with Geofencing
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Best for: Ease of use employee monitoring software
Screenshot Monitor

9. Screenshot Monitor

  • Free plan
  • Ease of use
  • Good reporting module
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Best for: Security

10. InterGuard

  • Support
  • Endpoint Lockdown
  • Monitoring capabilities
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  • Teramind – Best for overall
  • Time Doctor 2 – Best for value for money
  • ActivTrak – Best for detailed reports
  • Controlio – Best for employee monitoring software for PC
  • iMonitor 365 – Best for employee monitoring software for SME
  • DeskTime – Best for all-in-one employee monitoring software
  • Insightful – Best for small businesses and startups
  • Hubstaff – Best for remote employee monitoring
  • Screenshot Monitor – Best for ease of use employee monitoring software
  • InterGuard – Best for security

How We Found and Ranked the Top Ten Employee Monitoring Software

Searching through tools with false advertising, biased reviews, and shady reputation is no easy task. It’s like finding the needle in a haystack. That’s why I spent a lot of time thoroughly searching for the right tools for you and your business. In the end, it was worth it – I found the best employee monitoring software on the market. Here’s how I did it:

  1. I searched all over the Web to find the most reliable tools on the market.
  2. I came up with a list with more than 45 names.
  3. Then I started reading user-written employee monitoring software reviews.
  4. That helped me eliminate 13 solutions.
  5. Then I did a quick assessment of the remaining ones and removed 10 more that were suitable only for a specific type of business.
  6. That left 21.
  7. I checked out their features and selected 15 tools that offer the best value for money.
  8. Then I signed up for a free trial for each of them and evaluated their capabilities.
  9. Some of the apps were too buggy, slow, and some features didn’t function properly, so I removed them from my list.
  10. That left the top ten employee monitoring software you saw above.
  11. Once I finished my tests, I wrote a detailed and unbiased review for each one.

During my tests I focused mostly on:

  • The software’s monitoring capabilities;
  • Advanced features (if any);
  • Alerting and reporting features;
  • Security – both for collected data and the users’ access to the system;
  • Available apps, agents, and integrations;
  • Ease of use;
  • Customer support;
  • Pricing.

All these criteria played a vital role when I ranked each of the employee monitoring software on my list.

I thoroughly tested each tool, talked with all customer support teams, monitored different devices, checked out if all the features work like they are supposed to, and much more.

I did all that, so you don’t have to.

That way, you can peacefully read my reviews and make an informed decision.

Detailed Reviews

Best for: Overall.

1. Teramind

Excellent monitoring capabilities


Live video streaming

Teramind monitoring

When it comes to monitoring, Teramind is one of the best employee monitoring software on the market. The software’s activity monitor can keep track of:

  • Apps and website usage
  • Emails and instant messaging platforms
  • File transfers
  • Printed docs
  • Keystrokes

Naturally, Teramind takes screenshots of your employees’ displays, and you can also gain access to the microphones on their devices.

But it gets better!

With Teramind, you can enable real-time desktop monitoring and watch what your employees are doing thanks to the live video streaming feature. From there, you can even take control of your employee’s device via the remote control feature.

In a nutshell – you can monitor everything on your employees’ devices and take action if needed.

The only downside is you can’t access the webcam.

Still, you get plenty of monitoring options, and you can configure the tracking time range by hours and days. You can also set up the payment rate for each employee, and monitor their productivity and time spent on tasks.

Alerting and reporting

Teramind offers granular reports for everything you monitor and then some. In addition to tracking employee’s productivity, time worked, and all types of monitoring-related reports, you also get:

  • Risk analysis reports
  • User behavior analytics

All in all, you get all the information you need to keep track of the crucial metrics.

Furthermore, the employee monitoring application comes with a robust alerting module.

Once you’ve set up your policies and rules, you’ll get notified about each violation. The best part is, not only you’ll get alerted about any violations, but the software can take automated actions such as display an alert on the employee’s screen, turn off the PC, lock out the user, and more.

You can set a variety of rules, policies, and actions to ensure all your employees stay on the right track.


As far as the cloud-based solution goes, all your data is encrypted in motion and at rest. Naturally, should you choose the on-premise version, you are in charge of your data’s security.

You can set up two-factor authentication and set up role-based access for your employees, so you can be sure only the right employees have access to the system. This employee work monitoring software doesn’t offer many roles, but you have several customization options. There are four predefined roles:

  • Infrastructure admin  – has access to the system settings but can’t supervise employees’ performance.
  • Operational administrator – has access to system settings, rules, endpoints, other users, and their access control.
  • Administrator – has access to everything within the system.
  • Employee – has access only to own tasks.

Furthermore, Teramind works with the best antivirus providers, so the app won’t be flagged as malware. This improves the installation process immensely.

Apps and Integrations

Naturally, the best employee monitoring software has to be available on all types of devices running on various operating systems.

So is the case with Teramind. Its cloud-based version is available on all types of devices with internet access, and the monitoring agents can be installed on Windows and macOS devices.

As for integrations, Teramind won’t blow your mind with an impressive number. There are nine.

  • Project Management – Jira, Redmine, Zendesk
  • SIEMs – HP ArcSight, Splunk, IBM QRadar, McAfee, LogRhythm, and NetIQ

Ease of use

Overall, Teramind’s team have tried their best to create an easy-to-use professional employee monitoring software.

Still, it’s the sheer amount of features and options that make Teramind somewhat challenging to use. In the beginning, at least. That said, expect a moderate to steep learning curve. The good news is, once you have configured everything, you’ll find Teramind’s interface intuitive and easy to use.

One of the features that make Teramind stand out among the competition is the ability to create your own dashboards. They are customizable, and you can add or remove various widgets, resize them, and arrange them in a way you’ll be comfortable with.

On the other hand, the employee tracking app itself won’t win any design awards, but it’s easy enough to use. All your employees have to do is select the task and start the timer.

However, while writing this Teramind review, the app disconnected a few times while I was tracking my time. I reached out to customer support, and they told me they are aware of this issue and work towards resolving it.

Customer support

First of all, you can find a comprehensive knowledge base that can help you with everything regarding Teramind’s computer monitoring software.

Still, if you face any challenges, you can reach out to customer support via email, phone, or live chat. All channels are typically available 24/7. “Typically”, because, during my tests, the live chat widget disappeared. The explanation was that the reps are too busy with other customers. Be that as it may, I found the ticketing system efficient and reliable. The reps replied within an hour to each ticket, and their responses were helpful.

Teramind pricing 

This top employee monitoring software offers two versions – cloud-based and on-premise. The prices are the same for both solutions, and you’ll get two months for free if you prepay for the entire year. The cloud-based version’s price is based on the number of users, while for the on-premise one, you’ll pay for the number of monitored endpoints. That said, for five users (or 10 endpoints) the pricing is as follows:

  • Teramind Starter – $600 per year.
  • Teramind UAM – $1,250 per year.
  • Teramind DLP – $1,500 per year.

You can check out the differences between the plans on the Teramind website. The good news is that even the Starter plan comes with all essential features and user behavior analytics.


All in all, Teramind is an excellent piece of employee monitoring software. You get multiple options to track your employees’ work, performance, and time. Moreover, it gives you the ability to create multiple policies and rules and alerts you if any of your employees violate them.

On the downside, the software is a bit bulky, has some bugs that need fixing, and, most of all – it’s expensive.

Still, you get what you pay for, and Teramind won’t disappoint you. Its numerous features and powerful monitoring capabilities make it the perfect software for midsized and large businesses.

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Best for: Value for money.

2. Time Doctor 2

Ease of use


Reporting module

Time Doctor 2 monitoring

This monitoring software offers a decent suite of tracking options

Naturally, you can track the time, and Time Doctor 2 takes screenshots while your employees are working. You can configure the software to take screenshots every 3,15, or 30 minutes. Furthermore, you can set video recordings that can continuously monitor your employees.

You can monitor time, visited websites, used apps, review the screenshots, and track your employees’ productivity via the main dashboard.

On the other hand, your employees can use the easy-to-use and good-looking client to stop and start the timer, or they can use a Chrome extension.

You can create tasks and projects, and you can track each employee’s work on particular jobs.

Alerting and reporting

One of the things that surprised me about the new Time Doctor 2 app is that the software doesn’t notify the users if they visit sites or launch apps that aren’t work-related. For comparison, Time Doctor Classic offers such a feature.

Still, the employee time monitoring software notifies the users if they’ve been inactive for a while.

In terms of reports, Time Doctor 2 offers seven pre-defined reports, including an activity summary, productivity report, and web and app usage. The latter gives you a granular overview of all web pages and applications accessed by each user. This comes in handy for productivity optimization as you can configure which apps and websites are productive.


Since Time Doctor 2 is a cloud-based employee monitoring software, all your data is stored in a secure environment, protected by SSL encryption. Furthermore, all your files stored on the company’s servers are encrypted, thus providing two layers of security.

Naturally, you can set role-based access for each user. Time Doctor 2 lets you set up six types of accounts:

  • Regular user (silent) – a user without any permissions
  • Regular user (interactive) – can control when their work is tracked
  • Manager – can view reports and screenshots
  • Client – read-only access
  • Admin – have full access to all the tool’s features except for payroll.
  • Owner – have complete access to all features

In terms of roles, Time Doctor 2 is among the best employee monitoring software on the market. Not many solutions offer rich account options. The best part is – it’s extremely easy to set the role for each user.

Advanced features

One of the features that make Time Doctor 2 one of the top ten employee monitoring software on the market is the built-in payroll module. You can set up a payroll system and integrate it with Gusto, PayPal Payouts, and TransferWise.

The payroll feature lets you add or deduct an adjustment, enter the pay rate, select the date range and currency for each employee, and make batch payments.

Apps and Integrations

If you are looking for the best employee monitoring software for iPhone Time Doctor 2 will disappoint you. The app is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices.

If you need to track your employees’ iPhones, you should consider using the software’s Classic version.

In terms of integrations, Time Doctor 2 offers more than 40, including project management apps like Asana, Jira, GitHub, Office 365, and Salesforce.

The tracking software also offers an API that’s very easy to use even for novice users.

Ease of use

Time Doctor 2 comes with an intuitive and good-looking interface that’s very easy to use.

The dashboard allows for easy tracking and efficiency management and offers all your employees’ time and productivity at a glance.

However, the downside is you can’t customize the dashboard in any way. You can’t add or remove tabs, nor can you move them around. Sure, this is a minor drawback, but there are many employee monitoring tools on this list that allow such customizations.

Customer support

In case you face some challenges while using this employee monitoring app, you can consult the website’s knowledge base. There you can find a decent amount of articles, how-to guides, and about a dozen tutorial videos.

As for customer support, you can reach out to the agents via email or live chat. Both channels are available 24/5, but the reps don’t reply very quickly, even via live chat. During my tests, I had to wait between 5 and 40 minutes for a reply. Still, the reps are helpful, and if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer, you’ll get the help you need.

Time Doctor pricing

As mentioned earlier, the company offers two versions of its employee monitoring software – Classic and Time Doctor 2.

  • Classic costs $9.99 per user a month.

Time Doctor 2’s pricing depends on the number of users, and the company offers two plans – Business and Enterprise. The more users you have, the more the price goes down. For instance, if you are running a small business with up to 10 employees, here’s how much you’ll have to pay:

  • Business – $99 per month.
  • Enterprise – $199 per month.

The latter comes with all the software’s features and gives access to client login access, VIP support, video screen captures.

If for some reason, you buy this employee time monitoring software but aren’t happy with its capabilities, there’s a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy.


In a nutshell, Time Doctor 2 is an excellent employee activity monitoring software.

Sure, there could be more monitoring options, and an iOS app would be great.

However, the benefits of this tool heavily outweigh its cons. You get a good-looking and powerful software that offers granular reports. Moreover, it makes employee monitoring as easy as apple pie.

The best part is, Time Doctor 2 comes with an affordable price tag for this feature set.

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Best for: Detailed reports

3. ActivTrak

Ease of use

Excellent alerting module

Free account

ActivTrak monitoring

Like most employee performance monitoring software, ActivTrak can monitor your employees’ working hours, app and website usage, productivity, and risk levels. It can be configured to take screenshots at designated intervals via the alarms feature, and it can use AI to identify sensitive information and hide it while capturing the screenshots. Naturally, the latter comes with the paid plan only.

Last but not least, ActivTrak can monitor file-sharing and data transfers to a flash drive. If any of those violate your company’s policies and rules, the software can notify you.

Still, if you need to capture more data like keystrokes, webcam, mic, email, or IM monitoring, ActivTrak isn’t the best employee monitoring software for your organization. While this is great for companies who value their employees’ privacy, it can be a deal-breaker for others.

Alerting and reporting

One of the features that make ActivTrak stand out among the other employee monitoring solutions are the well-organized reporting and alerting modules.

The reports are neatly arranged, and you can easily view the most used applications, top visited websites, employees’ productivity and work hours, risk level, and more.

Also, you gain access to all this information in real-time via the dashboard.

The alerting module is another of ActivTrak’s strong suites. You can create custom alerts that can notify the manager and the employee if the latter is violating any policies or rules. You can get very granular when configuring the alerts. The employee monitoring software can send notifications for all types of violations – from watching YouTube videos to transferring sensitive data to a flash drive.


ActivTrak secures your data in transit and at rest by using HTTPS, SSL, TLS, and AES-256 encryption protocols.

As for the access levels, you have four options. The user who creates the ActivTrak account is given an Admin role, and they assign user roles when inviting more people to it. Options available are:

  • Admin
  • Configurator
  • Power User
  • Viewer

This stealth monitoring software is an excellent tool for insider threat detection. You can set alarms, enforce policies, terminate prohibited applications, and analyze your employees’ behavior. That way, you can prevent illegal activities and be aware of any policy or rules violations. Furthermore, you can integrate ActivTrak with third-party security apps to mitigate the risk.

Apps and Integrations

If you are on the lookout for the best employee monitoring software for Android or iOS, you can skip this ActivTrak review. The software can monitor only Windows PCs and Macs.

The ActivTrak agent is invisible, and your employees can’t start or stop the monitoring sessions. Unfortunately, that makes it unsuitable for employees who work on their own devices for privacy concerns. Considering that 67% of employees use personal devices at work, ActivTrak won’t be an adequate choice for all companies.

As you’ve seen in our employee monitoring software reviews, integrations can always come in handy. ActivTrak works with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, and numerous other platforms. You also get access to raw data via Google BigQuery that you can populate into its prebuilt templates for several business intelligence tools.

Ease of use

ActivTrak’s employee tracking system is straightforward to use once you set it up. Sure, configuring all the settings, accounts, and alerts is a time-consuming task, but the same applies to all employee monitoring solutions.

Still, once that’s done, you’ll find the software’s UI quite intuitive and easy to use. The only downside is that you can’t create multiple dashboards or customize the default one in any way.

Customer support

The company’s website offers a decent knowledge base with numerous articles that can help in your ActivTrak journey. Moreover, you can request live training, and the site has multiple videos that can help you out.

You can reach out to the support reps via email, live chat, and phone. The latter is available only for the paid plan, which also includes 24/7 email support. Should you choose the free employee monitoring software version, you can request assistance only during business hours.

As for the live chat assistance, ActivTrak’s representatives respond in three minutes or less. From our experience, they are polite and provide in-depth help.

ActivTrak pricing

ActivTrak offers four plans to its customers:

  • Free - Ideal for teams of up to three people.
  • Advanced - $9 per user/month. Ideal for managing team engagement and productivity.
  • Premium - $15 per user/month. Ideal for optimizing productivity performance, business processes, and outcomes.
  • Enterprise - Quote-based. ActivTrak tailors it to your specific needs.

This puts ActivTrak in the middle of the price range in our employee monitoring software comparison.

Keep in mind the freeware is limited to up to 3 users, 3 GB of storage space, and you get only the basic features.


ActivTrak is a powerful solution that’s equally suitable for business and home use. No matter if you want to monitor your employees or restrict your kids’ access to specific content – ActivTrak can do it all.

One of its biggest pros is that it’s not invasive as many other tools, which will undoubtedly turn down some companies. Still, for those who want to improve their team productivity without compromising the company’s security – ActivTrak is an excellent choice.

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Best for: Employee monitoring software for PC.

4. Controlio

Real-time surveillance

Continuous screen recording

Optional stealth mode

Controlio monitoring 

If you need a screen and keystroke recording, Controlio is an excellent choice. The software can monitor your employees’ PCs and keep track of the following:

  • Screen monitoring
  • Keystrokes
  • Used apps
  • Visited websites and searches
  • File transfer
  • Printing
  • Email

One of Controlio’s strongest suites is that you can configure the days and hours for monitoring.

Moreover, you choose if the agent is stealth or visible. Should you choose the latter, your employees can stop the tracking. This makes Controlio a good choice for companies whose employees work on their own devices.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this tool takes screens continuously, meaning you can watch a video of what your employees were doing, instead of looking at screenshots. Moreover, you can do so in real-time. Unfortunately, you can’t take any action while watching.

However, this employee monitoring software isn’t flawless. After I installed the agent, my test PC froze. As it turned out, the keylogger has some unresolved issues. Additionally, I got disconnected from the dashboard several times. Still, Controlio is a relatively new software, and hopefully, these issues will be solved.

Alerting and reporting

Controlio does an excellent job when it comes to configuring rules and alerts. The only problem is that it takes too much time to set the notifications for each website, app, or action. Still, it’s worth the effort since the software will notify you and the employee for any violations. Moreover, you can configure Controlio to block any unwanted apps or websites.

Another feature that makes Controlio one of the best employee monitoring software for 2021 is the reports module.

You can get a report on everything the software monitors – from productivity and worked hours to printed documents. Furthermore, you can export most reports as a CSV or PDF file. Moreover, you can schedule the reports to be emailed every day, week, or month.


Like most employee monitoring software located in the cloud, Controlio offers good protection. It encrypts your data, and the dashboard is accessible via a secure HTTPS connection.

However, there is no two-factor authentication, and the role-based access could be more customizable. At the time of writing, you can invite admins and managers. The only thing you can configure is the manager’s access to departments’ data. For instance, you can add the sales team manager who won’t have access to the marketing team’s data.

Apps and Integrations

At the time of writing, Controlio doesn’t offer any out-of-the-box integrations. Also, there isn’t an API yet.

And although Controlio is an excellent employee monitoring software for Windows devices, PCs are all you can monitor. There are no agents for smartphones or Macs. Still, the company is developing an agent for Mac, and it will be ready in the near future.

Ease of use 

Controlio offers a typical cloud-based employee monitoring software interface. You get a dashboard and a menu to the left.

The dashboard looks great and provides all the crucial information about your employees’ productivity and worked time. Unfortunately, you can’t customize it.

On the bright side, the UI is intuitive, and using Controlio is a no-brainer. Everything is a click away. Still, configuring the rules, alerts, and settings are time-consuming tasks since the software offers granular controls over these features. This is a breath of fresh air for experienced pc monitoring software users, but it’s not ideal for novice ones.

Customer support

Support is available via email, ticket, or live chat. Unfortunately, neither channel is available 24/7, and in case you have some issues on the weekends, you’ll have to wait until Monday to get help.

Controlio pricing

The pricing plan for this remote employee monitoring software is simple – you pay per user. There are no preconfigured plans or add-ons.

The price is $7.99 per user a month.

Additionally, the company offers discounts for more users (my offer was for a 30% discount for 10 users). That said, Controlio ranks somewhere in the middle in our employee monitoring software list in terms of pricing.


All in all, Controlio is an excellent piece of employee desktop monitoring software. It’s not that expensive, it’s easy to use, and isn’t too invasive.

The software comes with admirable reporting and alerting modules, and does a great job at monitoring your employees, without violating their privacy.

Still, there are some minor bugs, and the lack of agents for mobile devices and Macs can be a deal-breaker for some companies.

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Best for: Employee monitoring software for SME.

5. iMonitor 365


Can block apps and websites

Live camera


IMonitor365’s monitoring capabilities make it one of the best employee monitoring software on the market. With it, you can monitor:

  • Work summary
  • Network traffic (in and outbound traffic)
  • Computer events(like shutdown, logoff, sleep)
  • Time tracking, including idle and absence time.
  • Keystrokes
  • App usage
  • Web surfing
  • Chat monitoring
  • File transfers
  • Email
  • Printing
  • USB devices
  • Keywords
  • Webcam

As you can see, iMonitor can keep track of almost everything that happens on your employees’ computers. You can even configure how often the software takes screenshots at a granular level – it can capture the screen every second if you need to.

IMonitor 365 is also great for remote employee monitoring. You get a live stream of your employees’ desktops, and you can even gain access to the webcam.

However, although iMonitor 365 is good, it’s far from perfect.

First of all, you can’t see the screenshots’ thumbnails – you only view the file’s name, and you have to click on it to review it. That’s not a deal-breaker, but it unnecessarily complicates the app.

Then there’s the chat monitoring. I used Slack several times during my tests, and iMonitor 365 didn’t create any chat logs. It works with Skype, though.

Alerting and reporting

This computer monitoring software can detect whenever any of your employees type a pre-set keyword and notify you in the management console. Even better, iMonitor365 can terminate an application whenever it detects such a keyword.

However, you can’t create rules and policies (besides the keyword usage). For instance, if an employee is transferring data to a USB flash drive, you’ll know it only by reviewing the logs. On the bright side, you can disable removable storage devices altogether.

Additionally, this employee monitoring software offers a decent reporting module.

You can check out the logs for everything you’ve monitored for a specified period. Also, you can export them to HTML files.


When it comes to safety, iMonitor 365 is as secure as the other cloud-based employee monitoring software. Your data is encrypted, and the fact that companies like Sony, Siemens, and Volvo are using this solution is reassuring enough.

On the downside, you can’t configure the users’ access permissions.

Apps and Integrations

iMonitor doesn’t offer any integrations with third-party apps. There also isn’t an API.

Furthermore, there are no agents for mobile devices or Linux. That said, iMonitor works only as an employee monitoring software for Mac or PC.

Ease of use

In almost every employee monitoring software review on this list, you’ll find that the solutions are straightforward to use and offer а modern and intuitive UI.

Well, that’s not exactly the case with iMonitor365.

  • Firstly, the UI looks too outdated for a cloud-based service.
  • Secondly, it’s not that intuitive. Sure, there isn’t a steep learning curve, but you’ll need some time to get used to the software.
  • Thirdly, iMonitor365 doesn’t have a dashboard.

Surely, these three aren’t deal-breakers, but the user experience is one of the factors we evaluate when judging the employee monitoring software pros and cons.

Customer support

The website offers a decent amount of helpful resources, and iMonitor365 comes with a comprehensive manual.

As for customer support – on paper, it’s available 24/7 via live chat and email. The reps are helpful, friendly, and reply fast.

When they are available, that is. While I was testing the software, I wasn’t able to contact the support team via live chat for three days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). On the bright side, email support is available seven days a week.

iMonitor365 pricing

The pricing scheme for this employee pc monitoring software is transparent – you pay per PC/Mac.

  • The one-month plan costs $24.95 per PC/Mac.
  • The one-year plan costs $99.95 per PC/Mac.

There’s also the option to purchase iMonitor365 for a Citrix or a Terminal server, which will cost you $99.95 per server a month, or $399.95 for a year.

The company also has a 3-day money-back guarantee, which is rather unusual considering most companies offer a 30-day one.


Although iMonitor 365 is a bit pricey and somewhat harder to use than most employee monitoring software in the cloud, it does an excellent job if you want to monitor, record, and manage your employees.

If you want to keep track of what everyone in your organization is doing, then iMonitor 365 is a safe bet. Its robust monitoring and reporting capabilities will keep you informed, and the software offers a decent level of insider threat protection.

All in all, iMonitor 365 is a great choice for managers who want complete visibility on what’s happening on the company’s computers.

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Best for: All-in-one employee monitoring software.

6. DeskTime

Reports comparison

Free account

Invoicing and scheduling modules

DeskTime monitoring

DeskTime is an elegant employee monitoring software,  perfect for companies who want to respect their employees’ privacy. Here’s what the software offers:

  • On and offline time tracking
  • Screenshots
  • URL and app tracking
  • Document title tracking
  • Project tracking

With DeskTime, you can set the screenshot intervals at 5,10,15, or 30 minutes. You can also configure the screenshots’ quality or blur them.

Furthermore, you can configure DeskTime to track specific days and hours. That way, the app won’t monitor your employees during their time off. They can also set the agent to “Private time” if they are using the computer for non-work-related activities.

DeskTime’s activity monitor software also keeps track of the visited websites and app usage. You can also configure which apps and sites are productive and arrange them in categories.

However, DeskTime isn’t suitable for all types of companies. Its monitoring capabilities are somewhat limited. Unlike other employee monitoring solutions, you can review only screenshots and productivity levels. There is no real-time streaming, no video recordings, and you can’t create any rules or policies.

Moreover, you can’t monitor any file transfers and printed documents.

Alerting and reporting

DeskTime can generate numerous reports, including productivity, projects, absences, overtime, and work schedules. You can also export them to CSV and XLSX files. The employee computer monitoring software even lets you compare the reports for different team members.

As for alerts – there are none. Still, it’s only natural since you can’t create any rules or policies.


In terms of safety, everything looks good. All data is encrypted and stored in DeskTime’s private server, located in a secure data center. Also, DeskTime is GDPR compliant, so nothing alarming there.

Additionally, you can configure the access permissions for each user. DeskTime offers four roles:

  • Employee – can see own data.
  • User administrator – has access to all data for assigned teams.
  • Company administrator – has access to all features, but can’t delete accounts.
  • Company owner – has complete access to the system.

Moreover, DeskTime lets you track time only from certain IP addresses. That way, you can limit the monitoring to your office computers, for instance.

Advanced features

One of the reasons why DeskTime is one of the best employee monitoring software is that it offers more than just tracking your employees’ work.

DeskTime comes with a scheduling module that lets you create different shifts, including night ones. It’s quite handy and saves you money by eliminating the need for a standalone scheduling software.

Moreover, there’s an Absence Calendar that allows for easy management of leaves, sick days, holidays, and vacations.

And if that’s not enough, this top employee monitoring software has a built-in invoicing module. You can issue invoices, customize them with your logo, and use different currencies.

All in all, these features make DeskTime much more than a tracking software.

Apps and Integrations

DeskTime can monitor each computer running on Windows, macOS, and Linux. There are also apps for Android and iOS devices.

Unfortunately, there are no agents for mobile devices, and you can’t monitor your employees while they are working on their smartphones or tablets.

As for integrations, everything looks good.

You can integrate DeskTime with Trello, Gitlab, Asana, Basecamp, Jira, and Google and Outlook calendars. Furthermore, you can use Zapier for any other third-party app.

Ease of use

DeskTime offers a familiar interface for a cloud-based employee monitoring software. You get a dashboard and a menu to the left.

The UI is intuitive, and even the non-tech savvy users will find it user-friendly and easy to use. The dashboard’s muted colors look good, and you get an overview of your employees’ productivity and timesheets.

The only downside is you can’t customize the dashboard in any way, except for adding new dashboards for different departments.

However, even though the web-based version is easy to use, the monitoring agent is needlessly complicated. To start the timer, your employees have to go through the tray icon’s menu (there’s no app interface), find a project, select a task, and then the app starts to monitor the computer activity.

On the bright side, the agent has a built-in Pomodoro timer that can remind your employees to take a break at specific intervals.

Customer support

The company’s website doesn’t offer an extensive knowledge base or a manual. There’s only a FAQ page and some blog posts.

On the bright side, there are live webinars that can teach you the basics of this employee monitoring software. You can also request in-person training, but it will cost you at least $500.

Support is available during business hours Monday to Friday via live chat or email. The reps are helpful, but you’ll have to wait for a while to get help. And by “a while” I mean at least a few hours, even in live chat.

DeskTime pricing

The good news is DeskTime is one of the top free employee monitoring software out there. The free account offers all the essential features, but it’s useful for tracking only one user. If you need more, you’ll have to opt for one of the paid plans.

DeskTime offers three different plans besides the paid one.

  • Pro – $6 per user a month.
  • Premium – $8 per user a month.
  • Enterprise – $12 per user a month.

You can view the different features available for each plan on the company’s website. Keep in mind that the more users you have, the less you’ll have to pay per each one. For instance, the price for 100 users goes down to $3.85 per user a month for the Pro plan. Moreover, if you pay annually, you get one month for free.

The pricing tiers turn DeskTime into one of the best computer monitoring software for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case DeskTime doesn’t suit your needs for any reason.


DeskTime is an elegant solution for companies that want more than a simple employee monitoring application and value their employees’ privacy at the same time.

It comes with many useful features like invoicing, scheduling, and an absence calendar. What’s more, DeskTime’s pricing ranks it among the cheaper solutions on the market, while providing great value for money.

Still, the lack of agents for mobile devices, limited monitoring capabilities, and lack of alerts make DeskTime unsuitable for companies with more strict security policies.

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Best for: Small businesses and startups.

7. Insightful

Reliable 24/7 support

Ease of use

Great for tracking projects

Insightful monitoring

Unlike other tools on this employee management software list, Insightful doesn’t offer many monitoring options.

You can keep track of your employees’ work time, the time they spend on a particular project, and productivity. 

Additionally, Insightful is an employee monitoring software with screenshots, and you can review what employees were doing while they were clocked in. The software captures random screenshots every three minutes.

Furthermore, you get to see which apps and websites your employees have accessed. You can categorize them by productive, unproductive, or neutral. Based on that classification, Insightful can determine your staff’s productivity percentage.

Alerting and reporting

When it comes to reporting and alerting, Insightful isn’t the best employee monitoring software out there. You can see the productivity and timesheet of each employee or an entire team. You can also export the data as an image or a CSV file. Additionally, the customer service reps assured me that the reports will be automatically delivered to your inbox in the next update.

As for alerts, they’ll come with the update mentioned above. At the time of writing, the software can’t send alerts of any kind.


In terms of safety and protecting your data, Insightful has a vague explanation in its Terms of Service sections. Basically, it states that the service provider is in charge of your data’s security.

Still, I checked and the company is using Google’s servers to host Insightful, so you can rest assured your data is well protected. Keep in mind that, as with all employee monitoring software, you are in charge of protecting your passwords and configuring the users’ access.

When it comes to setting role-based access, Insightful gives you a good number of options. There are four types of users:

  • Admins
  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Clients

You can configure the access levels for each user – who can manage employees, teams, projects, and so on. Overall, you get enough options to set granular access levels for each manager and client.

Apps and Integrations

At the time of writing, there are no available third-party app integrations for Insightful. Still, the company has a REST API infrastructure that you can use to create your own connectors for this employee screen monitoring software.

Also, Insightful isn’t available for mobile devices. It supports Windows and macOS only.

Ease of use 

Considering that Insightful isn’t packed with numerous features, it’s extremely easy to use.

The employee monitoring software’s UI is intuitive, and even novice users won’t face any challenges while using Insightful.

Still, the dashboard isn’t customizable, and not that informative either.

Customer support

First of all, you won’t be impressed by the website’s knowledge base. There are 23 articles, including billing questions and an FAQ section.

That said, if you experience any problems or have any questions about the computer tracker software, you’ll need to contact customer service.

Help is available via email and live chat. Both work 24/7, and the reps reply within 30 minutes on average.

Phone support is also available but only to enterprises with more than 300 users.

My experience with the reps was a positive one. Although I’m not used to waiting more than five minutes for live chat support, I found the reps friendly and, most importantly, helpful.

Insightful pricing

This employee computer monitoring software comes with four plans. The prices below are for annual payments. Should you choose month-to-month billing, it will cost you about 20% extra.

  • Employee monitoring – $4.80 per user per month.
  • Time tracking – $6.40 per user per month.
  • Automatic time mapping – $12 per user per month.
  • Enterprise – request a quote.

You can view all the differences between the plans on the company’s website. Still, the plans’ names are a good indicator of what they include.


All in all, Insightful is a decent employee monitoring software that offers real-time reporting, time tracking, and online remote activity monitoring. Moreover, the low prices turn Insightful into an adequate solution for small businesses that don’t need to monitor absolutely everything.

Still, the software is far from perfect, and there’s a lot of room for improvement. Thankfully, the company is continuously working on the product to make it better and expand its functionalities.

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Best for: Remote employee monitoring.

8. Hubstaff

Free account

GPS tracking with Geofencing

Value for money

Hubstaff monitoring

Since Hubstaff is mainly an employee software for monitoring, let’s kick it off with its capabilities. Here’s what this app can do:

Take screenshots – This feature is optional, and you can configure how many screenshots you want for a 10-minute interval. Furthermore, you can blur them to hide sensitive information.

Track applications and URLs – You can monitor the Web and app usage only if you opt for the Premium plan.

Activity monitor– Although this is a useful feature, it tracks activity only based on keyboard and mouse usage. Unfortunately, you can’t configure which apps and websites are productive. That said, your employees can spend most of the day chatting in Slack and score high activity levels.

Time tracking with GPS and Geofencing – This is one of the features that make Hubstaff one of the best employee monitoring software. By using the GPS on your employees’ mobile devices, Hubstaff can automatically start and stop monitoring based on location. Also, you can see the routes your employees take and the time needed to get to the job site.

So far, so good.

Unfortunately, as you can see, Hubstaff offers somewhat limited monitoring options. You can’t monitor what your employees are doing in real-time, and there is no video playback.

Also, the app occasionally crashes, especially the mobile one, and stops tracking the time.

Alerting and reporting

Every employee activity monitoring software should be able to generate reports, and Hubstaff is no different. The app can create reports for each of its features:

  • Time and activity
  • Apps and URLs
  • Payments
  • Budgets and limits
  • Time off
  • Invoices
  • Scheduling
  • Job sites

The reports are customizable, and you can export them to CSV or PDF files. For accounting, you can export the report straight to Quickbooks.

As for alerts, this is where Hubstaff lags behind its competitors. Since you can’t create rules or policies, Hubstaff can only send a notification to your employees if it detects no mouse or keyboard usage for a configurable period of time.


Hubstaff handles all data under GDPR, and the app is Privacy Shield certified. Your company’s data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Furthermore, Hubstaff has a public bug bounty program, so it’s tested continuously. That said, the company offers industry-standard security and then some.

In terms of role-based access, Hubstaff offers five positions:

  • Organization owner – has full access.
  • Organization manager – has full access, except for managing financials.
  • Project manager – can view, track, and manage the projects they are assigned to.
  • User – can track and view the work time for the projects they work on.
  • Project viewer – can view reports on projects (This position is free of charge)

Advanced features

What you’ll love about Hubstaff is that it’s much more than remote employee monitoring software. There are several modules that companies will find beneficial.

  • First of all, Hubstaff comes with built-in automated payroll software. You can set the pay rates, and the app will calculate the amount based on the time worked. Then you can use any of the integrated payment platforms to send the money.
  • Furthermore, in addition to its excellent online remote activity monitoring, Hubstaff can also help you create invoices fast and easy.
  • And the icing on the cake is that Hubstaff has a shift scheduling module as well. Moreover, you can review and approve time off, add public holidays, and manage sick days.
  • Hubstaff also offers a basic built-in project management tool. Also, the company recently released Hubstaff Tasks, which is far more sophisticated, but it costs extra.

In a nutshell, in addition to being an excellent activity monitor software, Hubstaff also offers five additional solutions, included in the price.

Apps and Integrations

One of the reasons why Hubstaff is among the best employee monitoring software is that it’s available for almost all devices. You can install the monitoring agents on devices running on:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

Hubstaff is also available for Chromebook, and there’s a Chrome extension as well.

Also, keep in mind that Hubstaff is among the few names in the industry that offer an employee monitoring software for Linux.

One of the features that make Hubstaff stand out among the competition is that the mobile agents act like the desktop one – your employees can choose the project they work on, and start the timer. However, in my experience with Hubstaff, the mobile and Mac apps are somewhat buggy, and they crash or stop tracking the time occasionally.

When it comes to integrations, Hubstaff delivers.

You can link your Hubstaff account to 30 third-party apps, including:

  • Project management apps like Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Trello, Wrike, and Zoho Projects
  • Payments and accounting tools like FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and PayPal
  • Help desk – Freshdesk and Zendesk
  • Salesforce

Ease of use

Although Hubstaff offers many features, the UI is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use. The same applies to the agent. Moreover, your employees can start or stop the agent and choose the projects they work on. That makes Hubstaff an excellent option for businesses working with remote employees or freelancers.

This employee work monitoring software comes with a fully customizable dashboard with numerous widgets. You can easily add, remove, and move them around to create a dashboard that will suit your needs.

Moreover, all the features are neatly arranged in the menu and easily accessible. The best part is – you can remove the features that you don’t use!

All in all, Hubstaff’s interface is everything you’d expect from a top employee monitoring software in 2021.

Customer support

The company’s website has an extensive knowledge base that can teach you how to use the employee software’s monitoring and other features. Additionally, there’s a YouTube channel with helpful tutorials, how-tos, and demos. And speaking of demos – you can request a live one at any time.

If you need help from a person, you can reach out to the agents via email or live chat. The latter is available during business hours only.

My experience with the reps is a positive one. They are helpful and reply fast. Moreover, I read numerous user-written employee monitoring software reviews for Hubstaff, and the majority of them praise the customer service.

Hubstaff pricing

Hubstaff’s employee monitoring software comes with four plans:

  • Free – the free plan is available for one user only, and it offers time tracking, activity monitoring, and limited screenshots and payments.
  • Basic – $7 per user/month. You get everything from the free plan, plus unlimited screenshots, one integration, and user settings.
  • Premium – $10 per user/month. This plan includes all of Hubstaff’s features, including payroll, fleet tracking, and you can monitor web browsing and track applications.
  • Enterprise – $20 per user/month. In addition to everything from the Premium package, you get VIP support, higher limits on the public API, and unlimited job sites.

The company also offers a generous 60-day money-back guarantee, and you can try out each plan free of charge for 14 days.


All in all, Hubstaff is great for tracking remote employees without being too invasive. The software comes with numerous useful features like GPS tracking, invoicing, payroll, and scheduling. Also, it’s one of the few employee monitoring tools that can monitor mobile devices.

Sure, there are some occasional bugs, and it lacks some features like live monitoring, but overall it’s a handy piece of employee monitoring software.

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Best for: Easiest to use employee monitoring software.

9. Screenshot Monitor

Free plan

Good reporting module

Ease of use

Screenshot Monitor monitoring

ScreenshotMonitor is exactly what the name suggests – an employee monitoring software with screenshots. It can take up to 30 screenshots per hour of your employees’ computer screen. You can even blur them to hide sensitive information.

ScreenshotMonitor also has a built-in time tracking module, and it tracks your employees’ activity levels. The employee monitoring software’s activity monitor keeps track only of mouse and keyboard usage. That said, you can’t configure which apps and websites are productive, thus the activity levels are only an indication if your employee is using the computer or not.

Not only can this tool monitor computer activity, but it also comes with app and URL tracking. The latter, however, is available only for the Professional plan.

And that’s about it.

There is no live streaming, no video recordings, no file transfer, or other type of monitoring, except for the ones listed above. Also, you can’t monitor mobile devices – only computers.

Alerts and reports

You can’t configure any rules or policies, thus ScreenMonitor can’t notify you if someone’s doing something they aren’t supposed to.

As for the reporting capabilities, this employee computer monitoring software can generate easy-to-digest reports in a snap. You can review the time your employees spent working, their activity levels, and the projects they’ve worked on. Furthermore, you can see how much of the time they spent on particular apps and websites.

Moreover, you can export the reports Excel or PDF files or share them via a link. You can also schedule the reports to arrive in your email each day, week, or month at a specific time.


In terms of safety, everything looks good.

ScreenshotMonitor runs on Amazon servers, and your data’s security is ensured by one of the biggest cloud service providers out there.

Furthermore, this employee monitoring software lets you configure the access permissions by choosing any of the following roles:

  • User – can only see their own data.
  • Manager – can view selected users’ timelines and reports.
  • Admin – has complete access to the software’s features except for the account settings.
  • Owner – has full access to all the features and can change the company’s account settings.

Apps and Integrations

ScreenshotMonitor is a Windows, Linux, and Mac employee monitoring software, and it can’t monitor mobile devices.

There’s also a browser extension that acts as an agent.

When it comes to integrations, Screenshot Monitor lags behind the competition. There are no built-in integrations, and there isn’t an API available. That said, if you want to link this employee monitoring software to other apps, you’ll have to choose another solution from this list.

Ease of use 

One of the strongest suits of this employee activity monitoring software is how easy it is to use it. Sure, one of the reasons is that the tool doesn’t have many features that can make it complicated for newcomers.

The interface looks outdated, but it’s intuitive, and you can easily access the information you need.

The agent is the same – it won’t win any design awards, but it’s working well. It’s a no-brainer to use it. All your employees have to do is select the project and start tracking their time.

Customer support

Like the software’s interface, the knowledge base is outdated as well. There are a few (six) support articles from 2018. Still, considering this employee monitoring software’s ease of use, it’s no wonder the company didn’t bother to create a comprehensive knowledge base.

However, in case you face any challenges, you can reach out to the support team via email or live chat. The reps are available during business hours only, so don’t expect any help on the weekends.

Screenshot Monitor pricing

As you’ve seen in this employee monitoring software review, everything about Screenshot Monitor is simple, and the pricing is no exception. There are three plans:

  • Free – available for up to three users. You are limited to three screenshots per hour.
  • Standard – $4.99 per user a month. This plan allows you to capture up to six screenshots per hour, configure each user’s settings, and includes the activity level tracking.
  • Professional – $6.99 per user a month. You get all the features and up to 30 screenshots per hour.


All in all, Screenshot Monitor is a simple solution for businesses with simple monitoring needs.

The app’s unintrusive nature, ease of use, and affordable pricing make it one of the top ten employee monitoring software on the market.

However, companies looking for a robust and feature-rich solution will find Screenshot Monitor unsuitable for their needs.

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Best for: Security.

10. InterGuard

Monitoring capabilities

Endpoint Lockdown

Can block apps and URLs

InterGuard monitoring 

Undoubtedly the tracking capabilities are the most important criteria for any employee monitoring software. So, let’s check out what InterGuard can do:

  • Capture screenshots – this feature is customizable, and you can set how often do you a screen capture.
  • Track apps and URLs
  • Record keystrokes
  • Monitor IM and email
  • Track file transfers and printed documents

Furthermore, you can choose which apps and URLs are productive, neutral, or unproductive. That way, you can get an overview of what your employees are doing during the workday.

InterGuard can also track time, but it’s a hassle to distinguish the time an employee has actually worked, or they’ve just been logged into the computer. That said, should you choose to go with InterGuard, you’d be better off installing a separate time management app.

Alerting and reporting

When it comes to employee tracking, the reports play a vital role. Apparently, the developers at InterGuard are aware of this. The software can generate numerous reports, and you can customize them by choosing what data to include. Furthermore, you can schedule them and export them to PDF or Excel files.

But it gets better!

InterGuard gives a large selection of pre-configured rules and policies that you can apply. The computer monitoring software will notify you if any of your employees violate any of them. Furthermore, you can configure InterGuard to inform the employee as well.

Not only that, but the app can block access to specific URLs and apps.

You can also add alert words, and InterGuard will notify you and capture the employee’s screen if a specific word or phrase is used.


In terms of safety, InterGuard is one of the best choices.

First of all, the cloud-based solution is hosted on AWS, and Amazon has one of the most secure data centers out there. Naturally, your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Furthermore, you can configure the access levels for each user. There are four roles available:

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Limited
  • Owner

Unfortunately, unlike other employee monitoring tools on this list, these roles aren’t customizable.

On the bright side, InterGuard lets you enable two-factor authentication for each user that has access to the system.

Advanced features

One of the features that make InterGuard one of the best employee monitoring software is called “Endpoint Lockdown.”

It’s a data recovery and anti-theft tool that can come in handy in numerous situations.

With it, you remotely recover and delete files, and monitor and control the device. Moreover, the Endpoint Lockdown team can help you recover the stolen device.

Apps and Integrations

The good news is InterGuard is available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook, Citrix, and VMware. It can monitor all these devices, and the app is web-based, thus is available on any device with internet access.

The bad news is this employee monitoring software offers a few out-of-the-box integrations, and you’ll have to ask the support team for each app specifically. There also isn’t an API.

Ease of use 

Compared to the other employee monitoring software on this list, InterGuard is hard to master. The tool’s UI is somewhat intuitive, but if you are looking for an easy-to-use solution, InterGuard isn’t your best bet.

The app comes with a dashboard, and you can add up to 60 charts that show all kinds of information, including app usage, alerts, productivity, screenshots, and so on. However, the lack of drag and drop functionality makes arranging the dashboard time-consuming and somewhat annoying.

The UI itself looks outdated, so if looks matter to you, you’ll be better off with some of the other professional employee monitoring software reviewed above.

Customer support

On the bright side, InterGuard’s customer service agents are available 24/7 via live chat or email. They are helpful, polite, and reply fast. Moreover, the company’s technicians can help you out by accessing the computer remotely, which saves a tremendous amount of time.

They can help you out with everything – from the employee monitoring software’s download, through installing the agents, to any issues that may arise later on.

The only downside is that there are several tiers of support, and this may slow down the response time for some issues.

InterGuard pricing

This professional employee monitoring software offers two plans – for the cloud-based and on-premise versions. For the latter, you’ll have to request a quote.

As for the cloud-based one – the price is $9 per user a month, but you’ll need more than 11 users and pay for an entire year in advance.

Also, the license for each device has a different price. That said, you’ll have to contact the sales department to get the exact pricing if you want to monitor, five PCs and six Android devices, for instance.


Although a bit clunky and slow, InterGuard is an excellent piece of employee monitoring software. Its monitoring capabilities are among the top in the industry, and it adds a good level of security against insider attacks or stolen and lost devices.

Even though it’s not the most intuitive apps on the market, once you get the hang of it, you can unleash its full tracking potential. Moreover, you can set a variety of policies and get informed if any of your employees violate them.

Sure, there are more user-friendly solutions out there, but InterGuard is built to get the job done and ensure that others are doing it too.

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Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose the Right Employee Monitoring Software

Lucky for you, we’ve found and tested the top ten employee monitoring software out there. Still, they aren’t all suitable for all kinds of business and must ask yourself a few questions before choosing the best one for you.

What do you want to track?

This is the most fundamental question you should ask yourself before choosing such a solution. Some tools can give you a complete overview of what your employees are doing. You can monitor screenshots, video playbacks, and even watch in real-time. You can also track apps, URLs, keystrokes, file transfers, printed documents, IM and email communications, and even gain access to the device’s webcam or microphone.

Do you need the employee monitoring software to track all these? Or it’s enough just to track the time and productivity levels?

The answer to this question depends entirely on you and what type of business you are running. Some companies need to monitor everything for security and other reasons, while some not that invasive solutions work just fine for others.

What devices do you want to monitor?

While most employees still work on computers, that’s not the case for all of them.

That said, make sure the solution you choose supports the devices you want to monitor – be it a mobile device or a computer running on Linux. Some tools can’t monitor mobile devices altogether, while others have buggy and, honestly, worthless apps.

Also, most solutions work equally well on a variety of devices and different operating systems. Still, keep in mind that the best employee monitoring software for Mac isn’t necessarily the best for Windows and vice versa.

Additional features

Now, it’s not paramount that such a tool should offer more than monitoring, but these features play a major role when choosing the best app.

Additional modules like payroll, invoices, and scheduling will not only make your work easier by managing everything from a single platform, but they’ll save you money as well. Why pay for additional software when you can have an all-in-one bundle?


The lack of integrations isn’t a deal-breaker when choosing the best employee monitoring software.


If you are using numerous solutions, it can become overwhelming to create and track projects, pay rates, and so on. That said, if the software of your choice can integrate with the apps you are already using, you’ll save a lot of time (and nerves) in the long run.


There are numerous free employee monitoring software out there. Unfortunately, none of them is as good as the paid ones. You get what you pay for, right?

So, consider a budget and find the solution that fits in it. Also, keep in mind that some apps require a minimum number of users; otherwise, the price is higher.

And last but not least, ask for any initial fees for deployment or support, so there aren’t any nasty surprises later on.


Coming up are the reasons why you should consider purchasing employee monitoring software, in case you have some doubts.

What Are the Benefits of Using Professional Employee Monitoring Software?

Each of our top ten employee monitoring software can help you achieve transparency into the work habits of your employees. But there are several other benefits worth mentioning. Here they are:

Remote employee monitoring

We live in a day and age when many of your employees work without being in the office. But how to keep track of their work? Are they slacking or doing their best to perform their duties?

Well, the employee monitoring software can answer these and many more questions. By using such a solution, you get an overview of what your employees are doing, their productivity levels, and the time they’ve worked.

The remote PC monitoring software can also help you keep track of payments, days off, and much more.

Better security

The US businesses alone encounter about 2,500 internal data breaches every day.

The employee computer monitoring software can improve your company’s cybersecurity not only by monitoring what your employees are doing, but it can also inform you about any policy violations.

Some of the tools on this list even allow remote access to the employee’s computer, and almost all can be configured to block certain apps or websites. Furthermore, the recordings can serve as evidence in case of a lawsuit.

Gain valuable insights

By using such a solution, you can see at a glance all your employees’ productivity or activity levels and understand your company’s weak points in terms of staff. Each of the top employee monitoring software can generate reports, and you can compare those by department or individual employee.

Most of these solutions come with user behavior analytics, and you can easily spot any potentially dangerous employees, the ones that are slacking, and your top performers.

That way, you can take the appropriate actions to improve the security and productivity of your staff and encourage the ones that are working hard.  The latter is especially important, considering that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their place of work.

Increased productivity

Although in the US you aren’t obliged by federal law to inform your employees you are monitoring them, some companies do so nonetheless. Additionally, most employee monitoring software have visible agents, so your employees already know they are observed.

That said, the psychological factor kicks in, and your employees will do their duties better. Also, you can see at a glance which ones aren’t productive and address this issue early on.

Wrap Up

Finding the ideal employee monitoring software is essential for businesses in 2022.

Monitoring your employees isn’t a crime, and it doesn’t violate your employees’ privacy. It’s a tool that lets you track your employees’ activities, how productive they are, and improves the overall security of your company.

Furthermore, many companies hire freelancers or have remote employees. Keeping track of their work is no easy task unless you use such a monitoring tool.

That’s why I found and tested the best employee monitoring software on the market – so you can run a more healthy, productive, and secure business.

Undoubtedly you’ll find the perfect tool for your business among my top picks.

And don’t just take my word for it – take them for a spin yourself. Each of the reviewed solutions above offers a free trial.

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What is computer monitoring software?

Computer monitoring software is a solution that tracks and records users’ activities on a computer. These activities include but are not limited to:

  • File transfers
  • Web browsing
  • App usage
  • Printing files
  • Time tracking
  • IM and email monitoring
  • Keystrokes

Some monitoring tools also give access to the webcam and the computer’s microphone.

Its primary function is to act as a surveillance tool that is useful for security and reporting on employees’ activities.

How can I monitor my employees’ computer?

You can do so by using any of the employee monitoring software on our list. These solutions can help you keep track of your employees’ time, activities, productivity levels, and some of them also offer remote access to the employees’ devices.

Is employee monitoring software legal?

Yes, employee monitoring software is legal.

In the US, companies have full rights to their property, including computers and mobile devices. Furthermore, there is no federal law that requires US employers to inform the employees that they are being monitored. In some states, however, consent is required.

In the EU, it’s also legal, but employees must be notified that their online and communications activity is being monitored. However, when monitoring employees’ emails, IM, or keystrokes, you’ll need a written agreement.

What is the best computer monitoring software?

Here’s the list of the best computer monitoring software:

Teramind – Overall best employee monitoring software
Time Doctor 2 – Best value for money
ActivTrak – Best free employee monitoring software
Controlio – best employee monitoring software for PC
iMonitor365 – Best employee monitoring software for SME
DeskTime – Best all-in-one employee monitoring software
WorkPuls – Best for small businesses and startups
Hubstaff – Best for remote employee monitoring
Screenshot monitor – The easiest to use employee monitoring software
InterGuard – Best for security

All in all, these employee monitoring software can help you run a safer and more productive company.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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