12 Best Chiropractic Software for 2022

[Features & Prices Compared]

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Updated: October 14,2022

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Let us be your guides through the land of chiropractic tools. With our help, you’ll surely choose the best one!

In this article, we outline our selection of the best chiropractic software platforms available. We searched through hundreds of reviews and tested a wide range of software platforms to reach our final list.

This article includes:

  • The methodology we used to make our assessments.
  • Detailed reviews of our top choices.
  • A further 10 reviews of software that didn’t make the cut.
  • Factors to consider when choosing a solution.
  • The benefits of using a professional chiropractic software.

Let’s dive in!

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Top 12 Chiropractic Software for 2022


1. DrChrono

  • Built-in communication tools
  • Excellent design and interface
  • Integrates well with Apple products
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ACOM Health

2. ACOM Health

  • Great billing and payment tracking features
  • Automated email and text reminders
  • Self-service and check-in for customers
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3. ChiroTouch

  • Ease of use
  • Advanced billing
  • Highly customizable
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4. PayDC

  • High-quality customer service
  • Strict legal compliance
  • Fast training and onboarding
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5. VersaSoft

  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent billing features
  • Decades of experience in the industry
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6. ChiroFusion

  • Fully cloud-based, 24/7 access
  • Integrated billing
  • Tech support is not included free
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7. BackChart

  • Simple learning curve
  • Accessible 24/7 from anywhere
  • Very professional billing and records
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8. CoAction

  • All-in-one EMR service
  • One-click customizable SOAP notes
  • Batch billing
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9. eChiroEHR

  • Fully cloud-based
  • MACRA ready
  • End-to-end revenue cycle management
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  • Excellent customer service
  • Modern touch-enabled software
  • Well-structured and affordable pricing
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11. PracticeHub

  • Simple UI
  • Affordable pricing
  • Automated features
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12. Eclipse

  • Powerful database technology
  • Frequent updates
  • Real-time data flow
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  • DrChrono - Overall best chiropractic software
  • ACOM Health - Best for large businesses
  • ChiroTouch - Best for small practices
  • PayDC - Best for legal and billing needs
  • VersaSoft - Best for Windows users
  • ChiroFusion - Best for small to mid-size businesses
  • BackChart - Best for small practices
  • CoAction - Best for complete chiropractic solution
  • eChiroEHR - Best for chiropractic practice management
  • ChiroSpring - Best for ONC-ATCB certified medical billing solution
  • PracticeHub - Best for EMR software based in Europe
  • Eclipse - Best for multi-site and multi-disciplinary practices

How We Research – Step-By-Step

The process of selecting our top 11 best chiropractic software platforms involved several steps. Here’s what we did:

  1. Researched all available software available and the various technologies specific to the industry.
  2. Made a list of essential requirements and potential bonus features.
  3. Based on all user ratings and expert reviews we shortlisted 11 software platforms.
  4. We downloaded all available trials and contacted the support teams for additional information.
  5. Checked if the solutions offer mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. If available, we download and evaluate their performance.
  6. We then made comparisons between the features available and their performance as a chirosolution.
  7. Compared the results of these stats against the price of the software to create a cost-benefit analysis and ascertain value for money.
  8. Evaluated what kind of company size and environment each software package is best suited to.
  9. We finished our reviews off with our verdict, based on all the information we had gathered.

How We Reviewed the Software on This List

Here's our in-house criteria and how we ranked the solutions you see on this page.

Ease of Use

Some chiropractic management software offers a free trial with limited functionality. However, it gives a decent feel for the performance of the platform.  We’d always install each trial and evaluate its features to make a well-informed comparison against other software.

Key Features

There are some differences between the universal medical billing software and the one specially designed for chiropractors.

We’d go through each of the main features, add appointments, create customers, run reports, and test billing to get a feel for the software. We’d always evaluate how certain features would appeal to different sized practices.

This included checking the various ways in which patient records are held, including SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) notes, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Advanced Features

The best chiropractic software should have some pretty great features.
For any advanced features that aren’t available in the free version, we’d read reviews to discover how existing clients feel about them. We would also contact the software’s support team for extra details.

Various advanced features include things like treatment suggestions, online appointments and reminders, and posture elevation.

Third-party integrations were another important factor to investigate. Depending on the industry and target market, certain integrations can add a lot of value to chiropractic computer software.

Database Security and Deployment

These days you can never be too careful, especially with financial and medical information. All data on databases and the network should always be protected by strong encryption protocols while at rest and in transit.

Many top-rated chiropractic software providers will offer installation either for free at a small extra charge. This ensures that the software is deployed in the most secure fashion and all processes run smoothly.

Detailed Reviews

Best for: Overall best chiropractic software

1. DrChrono

Built-in communication tools

Excellent design and interface

Integrates well with Apple products

DrChrono features an EHR-specific platform for chiropractors as part of its wider electronic prescription (eRx) suite of software. Amongst its offerings are electronic medical records (EMR), mobile EHRpractice management, and chiropractic billing software. There is also a Revenue Recycle system and API platform for customized integrations.

Ease of Use & Interface

The integration of DrChrono tools with both internal and third-party apps make using this platform a breeze. In addition, it has some of the strongest mobile and tablet support in the industry. The DrChrono software as an overall very modern and professional feel to it.

Key Features

  • mobile EHR app for iPads to increase patient engagement and improve productivity
  • free drawing, medical speech-to-text
  • lab ordering, e-prescribing, etc
  • seamlessly integrated EMR, patient engagement, and billing in one platform
Practice Management
  • The PM has scheduling, business operations, automation, and medical billing tools.
  • DrChrono is one of the only EHR provides with official Apple Mobility Partner status
Patient Engagement
  • Create color-coded appointment types to highlight certain details
  • Activate online appointment scheduling on your website
  • Automate text and email appointment reminders

Extra Features & Add-ons

  • DrChrono Connect – Using DrChrono Connect you can build your own secure APIs or use existing medical apps to add custom functionality to your EHR platform.
  • Complete RCM Service – DrChrono has a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform with billing experts and coding compliance officers to handle medical claims and maintain a steady income.

Security & Backup

All communication is secured by SSL AES 256-bit encryption.

  • HIPAA compliant
  • EHR certified

Pricing Plans

All pricing is provided on an individual quote basis.


EHR & Practice Management 

Basic scheduling and clinical functionality enables you to schedule appointments, send appointment reminders, utilize free-draw tools and more to help your practice succeed.

Advanced EHR & Practice Management 

With advanced scheduling and clinical functionality, utilize the latest tools including insurance eligibility checks, lab integrations, e-prescribing, patient and flags to streamline your workflow.

EHR, Practice Management & Medical Billing Software

We combine our all-in-one EHR and Practice Management solution with a suite of billing tools that enable you to seamlessly bill through the DrChrono system.

EHR, Practice Management & Revenue Cycle Management Services

Focus on your patients, not your payments with our fully-managed medical billing services. Take a back seat while our team of medical billing and experts transform your practice’s revenue.

Customer Support

There is an online chat, a comprehensive searchable knowledgebase, and a ticket logging service.

A phone number is available but doesn’t specify support.

Independent reviewers indicate that customer support is bad.


DrChrono is one of few chiropractic solutions we’ve seen that makes use of API technology for users to develop and integrate their own third-party apps. We believe going forward this is something that is going to become more popular in lots of software. As a result, DrChrono is a very flexible platform that could be customized to work with existing software and any upcoming developments.

Unfortunately, it falls short on its customer service and we were unable to get any information on price. Online reviews seem to like how easy the software is to use but say support is bad and bugs go unfixed.

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Best for: Large businesses.

2. ACOM Health

Great billing and payment tracking features

Automated email and text reminders

Self-service and check-in for customers

ACOM Health is top-rated chiropractic software, focused heavily on managing the billing of chiropractic clinics, providing insurance and collecting payments. It offers its RAPID software system which promises to streamline accounting, reduce unpaid bills, and free up staff hours.

Ease of Use & Interface

The RAPID chiropractic billing service has a common design with drop-down menus on the left and a clear calendar. There is a decent amount of graphs and reports without too much unnecessary information. Everything is well presented and easy to find.

ACOM Health Key Features


ACOM Health’s key feature is its powerful billing services. Its award-winning software is full of administration tools to help keep track of payments, collect debts and balance books.

 EHR and PM Software

In addition to its billing services, ACOM Health offers additional software for Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM).  The cloud-based software comes with training, a MIPS certified dashboard, medical documentation, chiropractic SOAP notes software, and patient data management.

Templates and Charts

A range of pre-configured charts and templates are provided with point-and-click ‘visual helpers’ and self-populating data.

Automated Alerts

Various automation is included, such as missing documentation alerts and patient progress assessments. There are also “Functional and Pain Assessment” alerts for accurate G-code selection.

Extra Features & Add-ons

  • Insurance Billing Service – A dedicated insurance team for quicker payment to ensure cash flow.
  • Dedicated training  – An ACOM Health Chiropractor provided to support the training of EHR.

Security & Backup

ACOM assures data is protected with the highest industry-standard encryption and stored and backed up in the cloud.

The software is HIPAA compliant, which means sensitive patient data is collected and stored in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act standards.

Pricing Plans

  • Chiropractic Software Only: $299/month

Features: Patient scheduling software, billing, HIPAA, EHR, templates, audit proofing alerts,  self-service, reporting

Optional: home registration, appointment reminders.

  • Insurance Billing Service (optional): quote basis

Features: dedicated insurance team, quicker payment of insurance claims, reduced accounts receivables, steady cash flow, full transparency.

Customer Support

Customer Service is available via online chat, email or phone during office hours. While most reviews are good, it would seem that phone support sometimes takes a long time to answer.

However, they are quick to respond to criticism and always offer a resolution.

ACOM Health Limitations

The high-cost could be restrictive to smaller practices.

There appears to be a limit to the number of diagnoses and patient complaints available.


An expensive package aimed at wealthy, busy practices – truly one of the best chiropractic software. ACOM Health focuses on ensuring payments are received and chasing up on insurance claims. It seems to be a very professional service aimed at established practices that need administrative help tracking large numbers of clients. It certainly has many impressive billing features but is probably not ideal for a small practice mainly focused on improving patient care.

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Best for: Small practices.

3. ChiroTouch

Ease of use

Advanced billing

Highly customizable

ChiroTouch is one of the top chiropractic software platforms for small businesses. It provides an on-premise system for health records and management software that can be installed on Windows machines. Plus, there’s an iOS app. There are some nice templates for chiropractors, SOAP notes, billing features, and appointment scheduling.

Ease of Use & Interface

The ChiroTouch interface looks a bit outdated and could do with a design update. However, it is simple and clear to navigate and the color scheme is easy on the eyes. It is a bit text-heavy and could maybe do with some more images and graphs. At least it runs smoothly enough.

Key Features

EHR Features

The Electronic Health Records feature can be integrated with a chiropractic lab and used wirelessly on an iPad to offer easy patient access.

Appointment scheduling

Create reminders, select rooms, set up automatic messaging, and quickly view patient information. Patients can also access the system to complete medical forms prior to appointments.


With ChiroTouch’s billing, you can organize budgeting, create invoices, manage claims, and view patient accounts.

ChiroTouch Add-ons & Extra Features

Advanced Billing – There are some extra finance features like DME billing, worker’s compensation, claim scrubbing, and automated batch posting.

Security & Backup

ChiroTouch ONC-ATCB certification ensures that the chiropractic software meets all security, integrity, and data exchange guidelines.

ChiroTouch encrypts all health information in storage and transit.

Pricing Plans

Pricing starts at $259 /mo.

There is a one-time setup fee and a minimum 12-month contract.

Customer Support

There is online chat and telephone support between 5 AM-5 PM (PT), Mon-Fri.

The quality of support varies wildly, with many customers reporting inexperienced staff and long waiting times, while others rate it highly. Overall it appears to have a 50/50 success rate.


Reporting – Some customers complain that the reporting features are limited and often miss data or provide incorrect results. There are also problems with reporting across multiple locations.


ChiroTouch looks very outdated which doesn’t instill a lot of confidence from the start. However, it does work well and it seems the developers have spent time improving the backend features rather than the interface. This is why we put it on our best chiropractic software list.

Although good from an operations point of view, it still needs an upgrade if it hopes to continue competing in the modern world. The billing features and EHR database are very good but customer support could be better.

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Best for: Legal and billing needs.

4. PayDC

High-quality customer service

Strict legal compliance

Fast training and onboarding

PayDC is a legal and compliance-focused system for chiropractic clinics. It aims to make it quick and easy for practices to verify patient insurance and get bills paid. There is also scheduling software, decent SOAP notes, and care plan management software with some medical charting features.

Ease of Use & Interface

The web-based interface looks appealing and has a fresh feel to it. Online reviews confirm its ease-of-use and small learning curve. Customers praise the powerful accounting functions and the simple claim submissions procedures.

Key Features

Reduced Training Time

One of PayDC’s main features is the powerful onboarding that gets staff up-and-running in no time. The simple to use system and comprehensive training reduces overhead costs and wasted time associated with new software adoption

PayU Billing

PayDC’s outsourced billing system, PayU, handles all denials, rejections, claim follow-ups and appeals. They check patient eligibility beforehand and assist with precertification, referrals, and CPT & ICD-10 coding (International Classification of Diseases code).

Federal Law-based System

PayDC’s medical software was developed in conjunction with billing professionals and expert auditors to provide a legally compliant care plan. It ensures dramatic reduction in liability risk and quick verification of patient insurance coverage.

Extra Features & Add-ons

  • Unlimited Technical Support – PayDC offers free, unlimited technical support with all its packages with email, phone, and a 24/7, out-of-hours ticketing service.
  • Mobile SOAP notes app – This web-based SOAP notes are accessible on any tablet and give practitioners quick access to patient information, exam features, and care plan generation.

PayDC Security & Backup

PayDC is compliant with HIPAA Secure Now risk analysis.

All client details are encrypted.

Data centers have biometric scanning and security camera monitoring 24×7.

Pricing Plans

Pricing in on a quote basis per product, starting at $149 /month.

Unfortunately, individual item costs are not provided.

A free demo is available but no free trial.

Customer Support

Customer support is extensive and highly rated by independent reviews.

Phone support: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST.

Email and online ticketing support is also available and monitored 24/7.


  • There is very little automation so many tasks need repetition
  • Unable to make billing changes out of hours
  • Lack of reporting on accounting features


PayDC comes across as standards-based healthcare solutions, highlighting its strong legal compliance and financial support. It has a freshly updated, modern interface and comprehensive SOAP notes system. Surprisingly, it seems to have dropped the ball when it comes to reporting and automation. For a small practice this might not be a problem but as business grows, automation and reporting are features you will need. Hopefully, we’ll see PayDC improve on these features in future releases.

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Best for: Windows users.

5. VersaSoft

Affordable pricing

Excellent billing features

Decades of experience in the industry

VersaSoft is a long-running chiropractic-specific EMR software solution that has had several upgrades over the years. It benefits from a modern interface with decades of experience in its development. Billing services, in particular, are impressive. However, it is an on-premise software platform only with no cloud services.

Ease of Use & Interface

The VersaSoft Windows interface is not particularly fancy, especially with its old Windows-style icons. However, everything is logically placed and most users say it operates like clockwork.

Some features have been noted to be running slowly though, like reports and charts.

Key Features

Patient and Calendar Management

Securely store patient information, schedule appointments and keep track of clinic data. Add EOB entriescustomize charge slips, run reporting, and many other features.

Smart, integrated billing

The advanced billing in VersaSoft Chiro uses Intelli-Learning features to quickly provide EOB’s (explanations of benefits).

You can also run batch billing of multiple unpaid claims.

Multiple service coding

With VersaSoft you can enter any CPT code to automatically add the modifier or adjust the price for you.

Extra Features & Add-ons

  • Automated Text Reminders – With VersaSoft’s Ultimate package you get automated text reminders to let patients know about upcoming appointments.
  • Integrates with OpenEdge – VersaSoft Chiro integrates with OpenEdge for credit card payment processing.
  • Full Inventory Management – Use this tool to quickly calculate values, profits, taxes, costs and run reports.

Security & Backup

There are login screens for all applications. There’s also 160-Bit encrypted database.

HIPAA Compliant

Updates and patches are released frequently to address any issues.

Pricing Plans

Standard: $69 / mo

  • Standard medical software with common features.
  • 2 hours of support and training per month.

Ultimate: $99 / mo

  • Extras: unlimited support, continued training, texting plan, database maintenance, text appointment confirmation, data conversion

There is an initial installation fee and a 12-month minimum contract.

Customer Support

Support is available by phone, email, and online form. It does not mention time restrictions. The quality of support is rated highly.


  • Not EHR certified.
  • No cloud services


VersaSoft is an on-premise chiro management software, offering only a Windows desktop installed app. Some might find this preferable, although these days many desire the advantages offered by cloud services. The interface is a bit dated but this chiropractic software comes with decades of experience to back it. If you aren’t too worried about looks and want an affordable package with strong financial features, VersaSoft is the one.

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Best for: Small to midsize businesses.

6. ChiroFusion

Fully cloud-based 24/7 access

Integrated billing

Tech support is not included free

ChiroFusion is a complete chiropractic practice management solution developed specifically with chiropractors in mind. It’s fully cloud-based system makes it instantly accessible from anywhere with all data synced and backed up automatically. The key advantages are its excellent integrated billing features that can save a practice a lot of money.

Ease of Use & Interface

The interface is a real bonus in ChiroFusion, with a modern slick designintuitive menus and loads of features. It is cloud-based though so performs slightly differently depending on the browser you are using.

Key Features

Integrated Billing

With ChiroFusion’s integrated billing and payment processing, you don’t have to worry about the added costs and hassle of a third-party provider. Users rate this as their favorite feature of the software.

Anytime Access

The cloud-based system is accessible 24/7 from any web-connected device, including PC, Mac and Tablet.

Extra Features & Add-ons

  • Automated Scheduling – Setup automated reminders and online scheduling to simplify managing a chiropractic practice.
  • Integrations – Integrate with Physitrack to provide patients with exercises notes and videos via a downloadable app.

Security & Backup

ChiroFusion is HIPAA compliant web-based EHR software

ChiroFusion.com has an X.509 certificate & HTTPS encryption.

Pricing Plans

ChiroFusion Software Plans:

Plan Monthly Extra Features

  1. Plus $99 Standard features, no support.
  2. Pro $179 Live support.
  3. Platinum $279 Online scheduling, support, intake forms, text reminders.

ChiroFusion billing services cost 2.99% on all charges.

  • No startup fees or long-term contracts
  • Cancel anytime
  • Free 30-day trial.

Customer Support

ChiroFusion customer service is not included in the basic plan.

Paid support includes 24/7 live rep, online support, and business hours phone support.


No customer support included in the basic plan.


ChiroFusion is a very modern, simple chiropractic software platform. Fully cloud-based with a sleek design and excellent pricing structure. It features strong security and compliance, integrated billing and SOAP note functionality. Unfortunately the basic doesn’t include tech support and users have complained running slow at times. Other than these small issues we think it’s a very decent piece of software.

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Best for: Small practices.

7. BackChart

Simple learning curve

Accessible 24/7 from anywhere

Very professional billing and records

BackChart is a basic Electronic Health Record (EHR) provider specifically for chiropractors. It is entirely cloud-based and more affordable than server-based systems that require installation and setup on-site. Users can access the system from anywhere at any time, and it works through any browser on Mac, PC, or tablet.

Ease of Use & Interface

BackChart is a fairly simple system so it’s quick and easy to find where everything is and pick it up. It has some extra features in the billing section and you can run reports but otherwise, it’s conveniently simplified.

Key Features

Patient Charting

BackChart’s main feature is creating patient notes with its charting documentation. You can organize by incidentexport reportscreate medical alerts, establish progress, and more.

Billing Queue

The billing queue lets review work before submitting it for billing so as to ensure proper data collection. Run reports that list patients and their billing status, add or subtract procedure codes, modify diagnostic codes, change patient demographics, and/or amend the patient report.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal software helps save time by allowing patients to check appointments, provide extra information and update details.

Extra Features & Add-ons

Kareo integration – Kareo is a leading provider of web-based medical billing. BackChart integrates with Kareo to provide billing for chiropractors and reduce claim rejections.

Security & Backup

CCHIT Certified EMR / EHR

ONC-ATCB Certification

Pricing Plans

Package Monthly Includes

  • Light $89 EHR only
  • Basic $189 EHR (own billing)
  • Complete $299 EHR, Practice Management, Kareo (own billing)
  • Premium $149.50 (+4-8%) EHR,  Practice Management, Kareo, Billing Services

All packages include: charting, scheduling, storage, workflow, patient portal, billing queue, reporting, 15-day free trial, no contracts

Complete and Premium include: credit card processing, statements, dashboards, insurance eligibility, e-claims, and remittance.

$89/mo per additional clinician.

Customer Support

There is a comprehensive knowledge base on the BackChart website as well as a contact form, email address and phone number (although this appears to be for sales only).


  • No claims management
  • No patient records
  • Billing is a paid extra


Back Chart is mainly a web-based EMR solution with integrated third-party billing software. The charting system works very well and is easy to learn but other parts of the software lack the same strong functionality. If you already have a billing system then Back Chart could be a good addition for your EHR needs. However, with the cost of the added billing service, it becomes quite an expensive package. You might find a more affordable package elsewhere.

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Best for: Complete chiropractic solution.

8. CoAction

All-in-one EMR service

One-click customizable SOAP notes

Billing batch

The CoAction chiropractic EMR software offers all your patient data and SOAP notes compiled in an easy to use interface. Lots of billing features, reports, charts and database functions available. All packages get unlimited training and support. Additional cloud services available.

Ease of Use & Interface

No independent reviews exist regarding this software but reviews offered by CoAction suggest the software is very easy to use. I was unable to access a demo or trial version.

Key Features


The CoAction patient database is simple and intuitive with the following features:

  • conversion included
  • appointment book
  • daily backups.

Billing is CoAction is quite extensive and has some very useful batch billing features, plus the following:

  • full billing reports
  • easy rebill options
  • care plan wizard
  • post EOB payments wizard

SOAP Notes

CoAction SOAP notes feature a one-click customizable button structure to streamline your note-taking functions.

Extra Features & Add-ons

  • Patient Organized File for a Paperless Office
  • Automated Payments in Care Plans
  • HCFA Bill Batch Wizard

Security & Backup

Very little info is provided regarding security, however, the site mentions daily secure backups.

Pricing Plans

Plan Monthly Install Server buy out option (waives install fee).

  1. EMR Basic $199 $500 $8,500 once off
  2. EMR Pro $289 $950 $150 / month

Pro includes:

  • unlimited users
  • self-check-in
  • online scheduling
  • late text reminders

Customer Support

  • Phone support (hours unspecified).
  • Online chat support
  • Comprehensive, searchable knowledge base.
  • Support ticket logging.

There are very few reviews online about this software so it’s’ difficult to judge the overall quality of support.


  • Not EHR certified
  • No claims or patient account management


CoAction is not the cheapest chiropractic management software we’ve featured here but it seems to deliver when it comes to billing and note-taking. Large chiro practices will appreciate the batch-billing function and the one-click automation features in the SOAP notes. However, it does lack EHR certification and some compliance and advanced management features. There aren’t many online reviews yet but the software looks promising from what we’ve seen.

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Best for: Chiropractic practice management.

9. eChiroEHR

Fully cloud-based

MACRA ready

Revenue cycle management end-to-end

eChiroEHR is an expensive, fully cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution aimed at high-end practices. It has a well-structured pricing system providing either just an EHR system, a practice management platform, or integrations of both.  The software offers all the usual features of an EHM and PM with several advanced features not seen elsewhere.

Ease of Use & Interface

eChiroEHR seems like a decent chiropractic EHR software with lots of advanced features we’ve not seen elsewhere. It’s very new to the industry so independent reviews are rare but it looks good on the first view. The website is packed with in-depth information explaining all features in detail.

Key Features

Practice Management

Front office features include:

  • registration, check in-out, and scheduling
  • data auto-population
  • patient card creation with photo
  • customizable fields and calendar views
  • color-coded appointments

Backoffice features include:

  • Prepare/import Encounter Sheets to generate claims
  • Claim Status Inquiry and Response
  • Patient Eligibility and Authorizations
  • SOAP note templates: flexible structure, efficient workflow
  • Examination templates: dermatone, inspection, motion range
  • Hot Spot Notes: identify medical issues quicker
  • Treatment templates

Extra Features & Add-ons

  • MACRA ready – Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA).
  • Patient Portal – Patients can engage via the online portal, access info, check appointments

Security & Backup

  • ONC-ATCB Certified
  • EHR Certified
  • HIPAA Compliant

Pricing Plans

Plan Monthly Details

  1. EHR only $175 Standalone or integrated with existing PM
  2. PM only $195 Includes clearinghouse and unlimited claims
  3. EHR+PM $345 Integrated EHR+PM, clearinghouse+unlimited claims

Revenue Cycle Management: 7% of collections.

Customer Support

  • business hour phone support
  • ticketing and
  • remote support sessions


No E-prescriptions.


eChiroEHR is a feature-packed cloud-based EHR system with the price tag to match. It has some great advanced features like MACRA medicare compliance, revenue cycle management, and an impressive client portal. It’s still a very new piece of software though so we are yet to see if it delivers on all its promises. If so, it would likely be a good compliment to a busy, high-end business. Small practices might find it too expensive and full of unnecessary extra features that they don’t need.

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Best for: All-in-one solution.


Excellent customer service

Modern touch-enabled software

Well-structured and affordable pricing

CHIROSPRING is an extensive EHR software platform for chiropractors, acupuncturists, doctors, and other medical therapy specialists. It offers online scheduling, online patient intake, and a mobile app (for scheduling outside of the practice or even scanning patient documents or snapping a profile pic that syncs back to CHIROSPRING). And that's not all!

But let's see what else it has to offer:

Ease of Use & Interface

The modern touch interface makes ChiroSpring a wonderful tool for patient side assistance and taking SOAP notes. It sometimes slows down during updates but most users say they are very happy with the interface and it’s easy to learn. 

Key Features


In scheduling you can create single or recurring patient appointments,  block schedule days, and customize the calendar. Details include the reason for visit, account balance or phone number amongst others.


Charges are categorized automatically based on status (not-signed, submitted or submitted). View disputed charges and charges on hold and see real-time accounts receivable information, such as the number of outstanding claims.

SOAP Notes

SOAP notes are both printable or viewable on screen via the app. You can print a single SOAP Note or a date range of SOAP Notes.

Extra Features & Add-ons

  • Touch Interface – SOAP notes and other details can be added and edited entirely by touch.
  • Images – Upload x-rays, MRI’s and other imagery and add annotations.

Security & Backup


Pricing Plans

Plan Monthly Features

  1. Grow $99 Scheduling/Billing/Claims/SOAP, ERA, Appointments
  2. Pro $229 Support, Enhance SOAP Features, Online Appointments
  3. Accelerate $279 Online Patient Intake, Self Checkin Patient Kiosk

Installation on plans: $495.

Additional provider: $49/mo.

Integrated billing:  6.99% of collections.

Customer Support

Support is provided via phone, email or online form.

Independent reviews rate the level of support highly.


No spell check built-in.


CHIROSPRING is a very popular, well-rated cloud-based chiropractic solution. It has a range of modern medical coding features and strong compliance. The SOAP notes, in particular, are very impressive and for the basic plan, it is one of the more affordable chiropractic management software on our list.

It does get a bit expensive for advanced features, especially the added billing, but for a basic system, it’s very well priced. Now it just needs a spellchecker.

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Best for: EMR software based in Europe.

11. PracticeHub

Simple UI

Affordable pricing

Automated features

Practice Hub is a very new player. Founded in 2015 in the UK, it is currently only available in Europe. As such it is not yet EHR certified nor does it offer claims management but it does offer the standard features along with decent automation, reporting, and integrated apps.

Ease of Use & Interface

The modern interface is quick and easy to use through its web-based solution. With a recognizable design that mimics a modern operating system, new users will pick up the interface quickly.

Key Features


PracticeHub has a clear and intuitive calendar with interchangeable views. It’s quick and easy to add entries, block schedule appointments, and make online bookings.


The EHR and medical billing platform is simple and works well. You can set up membership plans, make customizable prepaid packages, and take instant payments.


Reporting in PracticeHub is quite detailed and customizable. There are several options, from general, financial, marketing, and customer retention reporting. All reports can be filtered and exported to CSV.

There are also several statistics available on the dashboard showing things like ROF conversion percentage and average customer visits.


Users can keep track of patients to see when they need recurring treatment or if they have dropped out of care. This helps to communicate effectively and ensure practitioners can keep track of symptoms sufficiently.

Extra Features & Add-ons

  • Automation – PracticeHub has some built-in automation features to save you time on reminder emails and patient tracking.
  • Paperless – Keep up with modern environmentally friendly practices with PracticeHubs paperless features. It also has a colorful digital notepad system to quickly see patient info.
  • Integrations – PracticeHub integrates with Stripe and GoCardless for online and recurring payments. It also has several CRM integrations, including autopilot, keap, and MailChimp. For file storage, it connects with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Security & Backup

PracticeHub has comprehensive security procedures in place. All data is encrypted during transfer by 2048-bit SSL and 2-factor authentication is available.

In addition, servers are:

  • hosted at Digital Ocean datacentres in the UK.
  • monitored and guarded 24/7.
  • accessed by biometric readers with two-factor authentication.
  • maintained by battery and generator backup.

Pricing Plans

All plans come with 1 practitioner included. (Prices only provided in GBP)

Plan Monthly Additional users Extra features
Core £29 £10  
Atlas £69 £15 automation, retention & analytics
Enterprise £459 £40 dedicated infrastructure & support

All plans include online bookings, calendar, recall tracking, prepaid packages, integrations, reporting, and others.

You can add unlimited additional users and host multiple locations.

There is a 14-day free trial.

Customer Support

Support is available 24/7 through an online rep. You can also log a support ticket or search the extensive online knowledgebase.


  • Practice Hub is not EHR certified and does not provide any claims management.
  • Only available in Europe


PracticeHub is a decent web-based EMR solution but it’s still quite new and might need to iron out some bugs before it’s perfect. Its best feature is its sleek modern interface which will appeal to younger users. It has good modern features like automation and paperless accounting but as it is currently only available in Europe it is quite limited. If in the future they port the software to a wider global market it will undoubtedly be well received.

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Best for: Multi-site and multi-disciplinary practices.

12. Eclipse

Powerful database technology

Frequent updates

Real-time data flow

A software developer and chiropractor came together in 1985 to develop Eclipse. 35 years later, it has thousands of users across the US. 

This software has certification from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and a license from the Electronic Health Record (EHR). In addition, this practice management software is also HIPAA compliant. 


The following are Eclipse’s features:

Appointment scheduling

This chiropractic office software has a feature-rich scheduler that allows users to view appointments by availability, doctor, week, or room. 

Different treatment types have different time requirements; this software allows each office to tailor appointments, depending on every doctor's needs. To help improve patient flow and user experience, appointments can be color-coded.

Alerts and reminders

The system sends emails, personal letters, and text follow-ups to both patients and doctors to reduce no-shows. 

Case Management

This software consolidates data in one place for easy access. With centralized data, it’s a breeze to coordinate data between administrative staff and doctors. 

Detailed search and sort criteria

This solution allows users to query the database for information using extensive search criteria, be it doctor, room, time, invoices, amongst many others.

Real-time data flow

A user can make edits, additions, or removals. Team members will be able to view the amended data instantly. 


This chiropractic billing software allows patients to view their pending bills and pay them online for convenience. The patients can then use BillFlash to make payments. The solution also sends automatic email and SMS invoice reminders. 

Add ons
  • SOAP creation - using this software is fast and takes about a minute. Here, you're looking at spending just 30 minutes on documentation per day.
  • Eclipse also has highly organized and, therefore, easy-to-read notes.
  • Kiosk functions - Allows patients to submit feedback.

Ease of use

Eclipse has a steep learning curve. However, once you get used to it, you’ll have no problems.

Security and backup

After creating SOAP, you can then send it as PDF that's password-protected and submit it electronically. 

Pricing plans

Eclipse is a pay-for-use chiropractic scheduling software. Here are the solution's pricing options:

  • Standard - $1995 (plus $69.33 monthly subscriptions)


3 months $690
6 months $357.50
12 months $191.25
  • Plus - $3295 (plus $74.92 monthly subscriptions)


3 months $1123.33
6 months $574.17
12 months $299.58
  • Advanced - $3995 (plus $83.25 monthly subscriptions)


3 months $1356.67
6 months $690.83
12 months $357.92

The following additional charges apply to all the plans:

  • Additional users - $85/user
  • Additional database - $599/database

Customer support

Users can reach support via the following channels during regular working hours:

  • Phone support
  • Ticket creation


  • Steep documentation learning curve.
  • No free trials


This medical practice management system offers many useful features, including case management, appointment scheduling, and BillFlash. Despite being pricey, it offers brilliant flexible payment plans, allowing businesses to pay in small manageable installments.

Eclipse is also highly adaptable, i.e., across different disciplines and sites. This allows businesses to continue using the same software even as they expand or branch into other fields/disciplines. 

However, the solution has no free trial period, and customer support options are only limited to phone and support tickets. 

Nonetheless, this is still a powerful solution with a responsive team that is always eager to help.

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What Is Important To Consider When Evaluating Chiropractic Solutions?

Practice size and growth

You should assess your organization size before searching for medical practice software for the chiropractic industry, as different packages are designed to better suit certain practice sizes. If you have a very large practice with many practitioners and hundreds of patients, it’s more important to find software that can handle the load.

Consider your future growth too – if you plan to expand it might be cheaper to buy a scalable platform from the start as migrating, later on, is difficult.

Specific requirements

If you have any specific needs or require a customized solution, these details will also need to be addressed. Many software packages fit a rigid model and can be difficult to configure for unusual businesses. However, many customizable platforms are also available. Some of the more advanced and complex platforms, like Practice Hub, for instance, even offer integrations with marketing and CRM automation tools.

Online chiropractic software reviews often give a good idea of a platform’s flexibility or special features.

Technical concerns

If you have a very traditional business or one with less tech-savvy users, this will also be a factor to consider in your selection. Very complex, modern platforms might not appeal to staff without strong computer backgrounds.

Cloud-based systems are often the best choice if you have only a little technical expertise but some practices prefer to have the software installed locally. Keep in mind that locally installed software might require the purchase of additional hardware.


When working with medical record management software it is imperative that you treat patient data with the utmost care. It is your responsibility to ensure that the software you choose has sufficient security to ensure patient information is kept safe.

Professional software should make clear the various safety standards with which it complies and the ways in which it secures data. High-quality chiropractic software should be both ONC-ATCB Certified, HIPAA compliant.

These healthcare data breaches statistics will help you understand better the importance of security and data encryption.


Finally, you want to get the best possible solution that is within your budget. There is no point buying something so cheap that it can’t do the job, nor is it profitable to overspend on unnecessarily complex software. Independent reviews and comparison charts give a good indication of value for money in a specific price range.

Many chiropractic services offer billing as an extra service that is usually priced in as a percentage of earnings. Depending on the time and human resources you spend on in-house billing, it is often more profitable to outsource this to an external service provider.

What Are the Benefits Top Chiropractic Software Could Bring?

The core benefits of chiropractic industry software are the ability to schedule appointments and store client data. With this feature comes added benefits like appointment reminders and other forms of patient communication. Having these features efficiently organized through a software platform will give practitioners more time to spend with patients.

These days, most software support electronic health records (EHR) and Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan (SOAP) notes. These help to keep secure documentation of a patient’s specific conditions in an easily accessible format that can be updated and backed up digitally.

Billing is another feature that is often included with chiropractic software or integrated with it through a third-party software provider. This simplifies invoicing and bill tracking by utilizing the existing patient database to automate creation and issuance. Some of the best billing services provide insurance claims assistance,  budgeting, and patient accounts.

Finally, reporting is an important feature that is found in most of the best chiropractic software platforms. Decent reporting should give you an overview of patient attendance, staff productivity, expenditure, profits, insurance claims, and other important business details.

Wrap Up

As you can see there’s quite a lot of options when looking for chiropractic software. Choosing the wrong package could be detrimental to business. You need to get a clear idea of your business needs, whether existing systems can be integrated, staff training requirements, cost, and a multitude of other factors.

Most importantly, don’t forget to factor in:

  • Any necessary legal compliance
  • Number of practitioners that you have
  • Patient size and frequency
  • Existing hardware and software
  • Hidden costs – especially monthly fees and cancellation terms

In the beginning, you weren’t aware of the many factors to keep in mind.

But now, you’re armed with knowledge and have very detailed reviews for the best solutions on the market. We’re sure you will undoubtedly find the perfect one for your practice!

Studies show that choosing the best chiropractic software for your business will save time and boost profits. So you have no reason to hesitate!


What does EHR Stand for?

EHR stands for Electronic Health Records.

What is EHR software?

EHR is also synonymously known as Computerized Patient Record (CPR). Doctors use it to track patient care as well as handle management processes like appointments or billing. 

The software's primary goal is to standardize patient data so that various healthcare providers can access it. EHR reduces tedious and lengthy paperwork when it comes to patient charts. 

So what kind of data do EHRs store?

The interactive system contains:

  • Allergies
  • Immunization records
  • Medical history
  • Test results
  • Diagnoses
  • Medication
  • Treatment plans
  • Radiology details

With the details above, physicians get a broader perspective regarding a patient, hence can tailor diagnoses appropriately.

What is the best EMR for a small practice?

ChiroTouch is the best EMR for small practices.

What is the best practice management software?

The following are the best chiropractic software for different businesses:

  • DrChrono - Overall best chiropractic software
  • ACOM Health - Best for large businesses.
  • ChiroTouch- Best for small businesses.
  • PayDC- Best for legal and billing needs.
  • VeraSoft - Best for Windows users.
  • ChiroFusion - Best for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • BackChart - Best for small practices.
  • CoAction- A complete chiropractic solution.
  • EChiroEHR - The best cloud-based software.
  • ChiroSpring - Best ONC-ATCB certified medical billing solution.
  • Eclipse - Best for multi-site and multi-disciplinary practices.


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