10 Excellent Property Management Software for 2022

[Tested and Reviewed]

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Updated: October 09,2022

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Are you looking for something that can help you streamline and automate your property management?

Look no further. We have you covered.

We’ve made a list with the top 10 picks of the top-rated property management software.

Moreover, on this page you'll also find:

  • Detailed reviews of each of the top competitors.
  • Additional 10 solutions that are worth considering.
  • The comprehensive methodology we used to give you this list.
  • An actionable buyer's guide to help you pick the best tool for you.
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1. Buildium

  • All-encompassing
  • Great design
  • Continuous improvements in features
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2. Hemlane

  • Price
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Easy to learn
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Appfolio Property Manager

3. Appfolio Property Manager

  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Automation
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Rent Manager

4. Rent Manager

  • Flexibility
  • Stellar customer support
  • Great reporting features
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5. Re-Leased

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • Lots of integrations
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Condo Control Central

6. Condo Control Central

  • Good email management features
  • Fast response time
  • Highly customizable
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MRI Software

7. MRI Software

  • Very customizable
  • Navigation is intuitive
  • Reports are easy to run
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Yardi Property Manager

8. Yardi Property Manager

  • Rich set of options and features
  • Customizable reports
  • Detailed filtering options
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9. Avail

  • Free plan
  • Easy to use
  • Rent Price Analysis
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Rentec Direct

10. Rentec Direct

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Extensive integration capabilities
  • Good customer service
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Now that you've seen our top picks, it's time to tell you how we found and ranked them.

Methodology or How We Created This List

There are some things we considered a basic necessity when we compiled our list of top picks in property management software. 

We started by checking whether the software included an accounting module or features. That’s important because it keeps you up to date with how you’re doing financially. In addition, it can save you the time you’d spend copying data from one software to another. Naturally, if the software of your choice doesn't support such options, you can always pick one of the best accounting software on the market to keep your finances in check. 

We’ve also considered if the platforms supported marketing features. It’s a key point for why you’d want to use a property management platform. You have to advertise and rent out your properties first. A software that helps you do that is software worth considering. Otherwise, you'll have to spend more money on email marketing tools and so on. 

Not surprisingly, the most important aspect of property management software is its management capabilities. Every platform has to support and streamline communication, leasing, and payment. 

What’s more, those tasks have to be seamless and easy to administer. That’s why one of the factors we’ve used to rate the software is for their management functions.  

We took into account if the platforms covered maintenance features that can be easily streamlined. 

We looked if the property management software offer mobile apps. Also, how well their portals performed and whether they include financial, legal, and marketing features. Finally, we took into account if they provided a free trial

Then, we tested the software and compared it to what the companies promised it would deliver. Our results together with the expressed opinions of other users led us to this list. 


Without further ado, here are the detailed reviews of the top property management software.

Best for: Managing rent, vacancy, and maintenance cycles

1. Buildium


Great design

Continuous improvements in features

Buildium is a web-based asset management software that helps property managers fully control all aspects of their business. The platform suits any type of residence manager - from a single homeowner to associations

It provides tools that enable owners to monitor and manage rents, vacancies, maintenance issues, and many more. 

Buildium’s customer network stretches across 50 countries, serving a total of 1.8 million residential units under management. The platform is extremely flexible and can manage any portfolio - from a single property to a thousand of them. 

Buildium supports property managers’ needs no matter their working place. On-the-go or in the office, you’ll have access to the software.

Overall, the platform’s flexibility and convenience make it one of the best residential property management software on the market.  

Ease of use

The developers of Buildium have made sure the software is effortless to use. Its interface is user-friendly, and that makes it ideal for new users. Buildium is a simple and intuitive platform that you’ll have no trouble getting used to. 

Device Compatibility

Buildium is the rental property management software with one of the best tools on the market. And they’re easy to use from any type of device. 

Buildium is available on mobile devices as well - there are apps for both Android and iOS users. This way, you’ll know what’s happening with your properties wherever you go.  

Features: Buildium is software with a variety of property management, accounting, business operations, and leasing tools

Under the business operations group of features, you’ll get access to the portals, maintenance requests tracking, insurance and inspection sections


Buildium supports full-service tenant and owner portal. With its portals, you’ll be able to easily streamline communication between tenants and owners. 

Any notifications can be automated with the email templates the platform provides. You’ll be able to share financial reports and any other important documents with stakeholders.

Maintenance Management

Tenants and rental owners can submit requests online via Buildium’s tenant and owner portals. 

Maintenance issues can be put in the system by residents, owners, or employees. Any work orders, documents, or images can also be uploaded on the platform. Through the property management software, users can turn these requests into work items and assign them to maintenance managers.

All work orders are timestamped and include an option to attach photos. Once an issue has been registered, the users will be able to track and update its status. Information can be reviewed from any device.  

Buildium has a built-in recurring schedule that you can use to set tasks that need to be fulfilled regularly. The recurring items feature will assure you to stay on top of everything.

With this property management software, you can also track vendor efficiency. You’ll be able to analyze their performance and assign work to vendors that do better and in a shorter time. The platform ensures you’ll keep tabs over the properties you manage and cut your costs while doing so. 

Accounting Management

Under the accounting group of features of the property management software, you get some of the best tools to manage payments. 

Here, the platform can integrate your bank statements automatically and provide comprehensive reports. You’ll get direct insights into the financials in one place, and that’s worth taking advantage of. 

With Buildium you can manage vendors’ payments and monitor residents’ bills. The system will automatically reload tenants’ financial information once you’ve uploaded it. 

You’ll also be able to automate your payments and communication. Things like lease tracking and late fee demands can all be taken care of with a click. What’s more, with Buildium as your property software, you’ll save time on bookkeeping and tax management. It’s all included in the automatic accounting features. 

Under the leasing group of features, you get access to instruments that help you screen tenants, manage vacancies, and market properties better

Vacancy Management

For starters, you’ll be able to synchronize vacancies with listing partners and Buildiums’ own marketing websites. Buildium will allow you to book showings faster. The scheduling can be done online. 

Tenants can request appointments and property managers can send confirmation emails or text messages. After showings, you’ll be able to send instant follow-ups and track progress.  

With the vacancy management tools of the property management software, you can accept online applications and create tenants’ reviews before drawing up contracts. All the applicants’ information you’ve received and processed you can then add to the database automatically. 

Lease Management

With the eLeasing feature, you will be able to collect legally binding electronic signatures. The integration Buildium has with Adobe Document Cloud allows you to collect e-signatures on every lease directly through the platform. Imagine all the time you’ll save by simply sending your contract to tenants from any device. 


Not only can you use the software to manage maintenance requests and finances, but you can also market properties automatically and find tenants online.

A flexible website builder is at your disposal to help you boost your brand. You can choose a theme and upload your logo. Sure, it's not one of the best website builders out there, but it gets the job done. 

You can also host important documents, like tenant handbooks or sales sheets, so they’re easy to share. 

All this will give your marketing the necessary push, while also making communication easier with existing clients. 

Knowledge Base

Buildium provides extensive resources to help you through the learning process. The platform offers a wide range of articles, guides, reports, and webinars. 

Additionally, you can take advantage of Buildium Academy - a self-guided online training program. It goes over setup, workflows, and anything in between. The academy feature will turn you into a Buildium master. 


Buildium provides a free trial, which is great if you’re first starting with a property management system. You’ll get an idea of what the software can offer. Pricewise, however, Buildium is a bit steep. 

Sole property managers wouldn’t be able to justify the investment. This property management software is not the best for the small or middle-market manager - it’s more enterprise-oriented.

Pricing depends on the number of units you manage. There are additional fees for some of the tools. Online payments and electronic documents come at an extra charge, so does the tenant-screening feature. 


Buildium is easy to use. Navigating through the property management software is painless and the dashboard is organized and reliable. This helps put the platform as one of the best in the market. 


Buildium’s tiered pricing plans do not require a start-up fee or annual contract. A monthly subscription includes 24/7 support from a customer care team. Customers can submit support request tickets anytime or take advantage of the extended phone support, available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Buildium is a platform, backed with relentless support and expert advice. It provides a no-nonsense cloud-based software that lets property managers take complete control of their business. The platform is intuitive and powerful, but simple and easy to use at the same time. 

Buildium includes a wide variety of tools that make managing rent, vacancy, and maintenance cycles an easy and fast job. It even helps you win new business with its hard-to-ignore marketing features. 

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Best for: Small to medium-sized companies.

2. Hemlane


Intuitive dashboard

Easy to learn

Hemlane is a cloud-based property management software. Its main customer target group is small to medium-sized businesses. The key features of the solution include property marketing, applicant screening, lease tracking, rent collection, and maintenance coordination.

Hemlane software automates most of the tasks that property management involves. You can work with agents, maintenance vendors, owners, tenants through the platform in a more efficient and coordinated way.  

Ease of use

Hemlane is user-friendly and intuitive. The learning curve is not steep as the software is pretty simple to use. There is also a great support team. 


Hemlane is available in the cloud as SaaS and through its web console. The software supports mobile apps for iOS and Android. If working from any place is what you’re looking for, Hemlane is a good choice.  


Listing Advertising: Hemlane has a pretty sophisticated advertising module that covers advertising syndication, listing management and professional website. Those features position it among the best professional property management software.

The advertising syndication helps you advertise your properties on over 30 rental listing websites. It also analyzes where your properties gather the most attention. You won’t have to spend hours upon hours looking through different platforms and websites for advertisement. 

With the listing management function, you’ll automatically receive alerts. You’ll be able to set filters on your rental vacancies and get ready for turnovers. You’ll also be able to simply adjust rates and dates of availability for your rental properties. 

Hemlane’s professional website gives you the opportunity to take control of the whole presentation of your properties. To this end, it helps you create a special website to market your listings

With the advertising features of this property management software, you’ll be able to reach more qualified applicants and receive fewer follow-up questions about your real estate

You’ll get to use the prospecting listing that will save you time with tips and pre-qualifying questions that will select suitable prospects before showings. On top of that, the prospects will get automated immediate responses with a calendar of availability. 

The applicant tracking feature of Hemlane automatically screens tenants, schedules showings, and sends follow-ups. The software can track and qualify anyone who has inquired about your rentals. You can even use the platform to book local agents to show your rental properties, instead of doing it yourself. 

Lease Management

Hemlane property software integrates management features that will help you stay on track with your tenants. The platform stores communications and key documents in one place. 

It can also be set to send reminders when it's time to renew leases or sign another important document. With the Rocket Layer integration, your contracts can be signed electronically in no time. 

All documents are saved and protected in a cloud-based location, where you can also store photos or other useful data. Hemlane lets you keep records of past communication with prospects and tenants and send messages to multiple recipients. 

The platform cuts significant time by bringing them in one place and automating most of the job. That position it as one of the top property management software out there. 

Online Rent & Financials

Hemlane supports online payments as well. Some other accounting features the property management software includes are instant bank verification, automated late fees, swift payments, rent collection, and tracking financials.

The instant bank verification connects your bank accounts with the platform. It supports unlimited bank accounts - protected through encryption.  

With Hemlane you can set recurring rent reminders, as well as send notifications to tenants on upcoming payments. You can also split rent payments among several tenants. 

In case of any delays, you can set automated late fee requests and appoint higher priority to them. All these financial tools turn Hemlane into one of the best rental property management software.

With the reporting features of Hemlane, you can track all your income and expenses not only from online payments but manual entries as well. You can add documents and receipts for any transaction and turn Hemlane into a fully operating accounting system. 

Maintenance & Repair

Hemlane allows you to automate workflows through their portal, which means you’ll never miss a job done, or job that needs to be done. With the property management software, you’ll be able to track and coordinate maintenance issues and repairs.

The repair tracking feature allows you to fix alerts for maintenance requests, to which you can attach photos or videos. You’re able to streamline the communication process with everyone involved in the maintenance process. 

Hemlane gives you the opportunity to build a network of local professionals and manage their information in one place. This creates a fast and easy procedure of assigning jobs to different suppliers based on your issue. 

Putting all the information you need in one place halves the time it takes to deal with maintenance requests. With this property management software, you don’t even need to be in the office. We can use your mobile devices and coordinate the work from anywhere. 


Hemlane offers three packages with transparent, per-unit pricing. There are no setup costs, and the company offers a dedicated team to support you with any onboarding needs.

Here are the plans:

  • Pricing starts at $2.50/unit for the software-only plan.
  • $15 for 24/7 repair coordination support.
  • $40 for a local leasing agent access and access to the platform's nationwide vendor network.

There is also a 30-day free trial so you can test the waters before paying. 


Hemlane customer support is quite extensive in comparison to other property management software. They’ve built a separate website to deal with customers’ issues and questions. 

Hemlane also has a whole knowledge base with installation instructions among other useful learning materials. They’ve compiled Q&As on the most relevant topics and, of course, provide live customer support. 


Hemlane is a property management software that is simple, yet rich in features. It tends to be best suited for small to medium-sized companies. The price is quite affordable. Hemlane brings all a property manager could ask for and wraps it in an aesthetically-pleasing package.

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Best for: All property managers

3. Appfolio Property Manager


Easy to set up


AppFolio Property Manager is a SaaS-based software that provides a compact property management platform. With it, you can manage accounting, marketing, leasing, as well as many other aspects of your business. 

Appfolio has a rich set of features that makes it one of the recommended options for a wide variety of use cases. These include multi-family and single-family residences, commercial, student housing, community associations, and mixed portfolios.

Ease of use

Appfolio has managed to develop software that can be tackled quickly and intuitively. The company constantly reviews customer insights and improves its features. Through usability testing, among other research methods, they drill down and uncover issues. 

Device Compatibility

Appfolio is a cloud-based property management tool that effortlessly integrates with your business. The software is flexible and can be installed on smartphones, tablets, and any desktop operating system.  

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you won’t have issues working with Appfolio on your mobile. You’ll be able to track everything that’s happening with your properties in real-time, from anywhere. 


AppFolio Property Manager is an all-round online property management software that effectively markets, manages, and grows business. It provides a variety of great tools that help you administer portfolios. The wide range of features allows you to stay on top of everything concerning your properties. 

Some of Appfolio’s features that deserve attention are: 

Appfolio Portal

The owner portal gives access to all the information managers and owners need. Property Managers can manage their eCheck payments to vendors and due payments from tenants.

With Appfolio, property managers can easily streamline and automate the payments process. As this tricky process gets easier to handle, this frees up time you can use in better ways. 

HOAs can take advantage of the customized reports of this professional property manager with ease. If you need to share information with your board members, you can. The board can receive documents for approval or checks to sign from anywhere.  

With the Plus subscription, you’ll also get performance insights. The insights will give you the tools to analyze how your business is performing. 

The tenant portal helps tenants keep track of all that is going on at the property they rent. They can see past payments, their current balance, and due rents. Through the portal of the property management software, tenants have access to features that aid them when paying their rent and submitting maintenance requests.

As a result, the platform makes lives easier and more pleasant for both property managers and tenants. It allows them to track and coordinate all activities smoothly, and cut time spent on tedious tasks. 


Appfolio offers a Professional Website Service that spares you the time and money you’d have to invest in developing customized pages for each of your properties. The service integrates perfectly with the property management software to list your apartment and other estates in no time.

Another feature that will undoubtedly aid your marketing campaigns is the Basic Search Engine. The tool works with popular industry terms and geographic locations to tailor your online presence and attract customers. 

The Self-service content editing allows you to update copy and images with no hassle. 


Appfolio integrates an analytics dashboard so you can track performance and know what’s happening with your properties at any time. 

Maintenance Features

Appfolio has thought of ways to deal with repairs as well. The property management software provides features to manage maintenance requests directly from your mobile device. You’ll be able to deal with issues with the help of online maintenance and mobile inspections functions faster and more efficiently. 

Knowledge Base

The platform offers support when you face an issue and also provides tons of educational material. The online training program gives you access to self-guided courses

The courses walk you through how to optimize the use of the platform. The support section of Appfolio provides “how-to” articles, FAQs, and videos. You can also ask the online community and submit support tickets. That’s one of the many reasons why Appfolio is amongst the best professional property management software.

However, that’s not all.

Along with its main features, Appfolio integrates QR codes. Its mobile marketing campaigns provide customers with QR codes that securely grant them access to available properties. The barcodes are also used as a security measure in the two-factor log-in authentication

With Appfolio, you can manage and automate multiple rental sites. The Vacancy dashboard allows you to change the status of all properties anywhere on the internet - directly from the property management software, and in just a few simple steps.

Appfolio supports customizable reports and notifications for all types of properties. Owners can gain access to income and cash statements, as well as the balance sheets. 

The platform provides information on bank account activity, leasing, and other financial information. The property management software supports basic accounting for your convenience. 

What’s even more interesting is that Appfolio supports text messaging as well. The texting feature allows owners and property managers to send 160 character messages. You can remind your tenants of late rent, maintenance updates, and more.

The platform offers customizable lease agreements that also support e-signatures. The signature can be initiated directly from a mobile device. The functionality of the property management software significantly decreases the turn-time for rentals.


Many professionals start their search for property management software with a very specific first question: “What do property management companies charge?"

Appfolio is quite transparent in terms of pricing. There are no hidden fees and unexpected costs. The platform also provides free upgrades, which is pretty awesome. 

Prices start from $1.25 per unit per month and reach no more than $3.00 per unit per month, depending on the package. There is, however, a minimum number of property units and that’s 50 per subscription. Appfolio also offers a free trial. 


Appfolio is an easy-to-use property management software with a great variety of features. While they may slow the learning process in comparison to other platforms - the software is intuitive and support is always available


Customer support sometimes takе their time to respond to tickets, but are overall quite helpful. Frequent questions are automated and chatbots are handling them well. Appfolio’s customer support provides satisfactory help. 


The platform provides one of the best cost-effective, cloud-based rental property management software that targets apartment, residential, commercial, and student housing property managers. It allows them to market, automate, and grow their business more easily. It’s divided into areas of expertise based on the type of users. 

The software can be a good fit for any type of property manager and is sure to save you a lot of time and costs.

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Best for: Middle-market businesses

4. Rent Manager


Stellar customer support

Great reporting features

Rent Manager is an efficient property management software that targets as customers anyone in the property market - from small businesses to big enterprises

It’s an innovative and powerful software that integrates all your data into one platform. Rent Manager has been on the market for over 30 years, which is evidence of their dedication and quality of service.

Rent Manager is designed to be entirely autonomous - with its own comprehensive property management database. It integrates accounting, contact management, work orders, marketing solutions, and more.

With this platform, you don’t need to be an expert in multiple programs and support multiple databases to run your business. Rent Manager has gathered everything in one place.

The company has been on the market for years, which has eventually resulted in property software that is very easy to use. The platform has taken into account customer feedback and has developed a system of tools that is clear and simple to maneuver with.   

Device Compatibility

Rent Manager is available as a stand-alone or cloud-based product. It has mobile apps for both Android and iOS users and can be accessed from anywhere

The property management software’s flexibility makes it an indispensable tool that keeps you on top of your work. You can accept payments, organize service inspections, process orders - and even take photos.


Rent Manager comes equipped with a versatile set of features. With this property software, you’re able to operate with an asset management database, integrated accounting, and contact management. 

Couple that with the software’s work ordering capabilities and marketing solutions - and you have an all-round solution.

Online Portal Tools

Rent Manager’s portal ties everything together. It allows you to access all the features you need in one place. The portal makes it easy and convenient to handle tasks from anywhere and at any time. 

Some of the tools you’ll be able to access through the portal are electronic leasing, online rent payments, owner communications, and service requests. 

Both you and your residents can take advantage of the full-service tenant and owner portal. Your customers will have access to secure digital resources that will seamlessly coordinate your communication with them. You’ll also be able to sign contracts and do payments through the portal. 

On top of that, tenants will be able to raise maintenance issues. You, on the other hand, will be able to monitor the progress of those maintenance jobs. The streamlined communication will assure you’ll save time and resources on dealing with each task separately. 

Templates & e-Signature

You can streamline the process of signing leases. To do that, you can create lease agreements that can be sent electronically to selected recipients. 

To those letters, you can add e-signature blocks. The customers who receive your email will be able to read, sign, and return contracts - all electronically. With this property management software this a convenience that’s only a click away. 

Document Packaging

Rent Manager gives you the ability to sort and arrange multiple letter templates in a single packet called Document Packet. 

The feature allows you to send packets to a single recipient and removes the hassle of managing each document separately. 

Electronic Payment Processing

Using Rent Manager’s ePay feature you can collect payments in an instant. This tool of the residential property management software integrates several payment steps into one solution to smooth out the process. 

Advanced online payment gateway, real-time credit card, and merchant account services blend into one tool. This way, they give your tenants and owners flexibility and reduce the amount of data you need to tackle. 

Check Scanner

Check Scanner is Rent Manager’s tool that lets you promptly and precisely process check payments in Rent Manager. The tool works with the contacts database to simultaneously find users’ files within the online property management software. 

It then automatically attaches a scanned image of the check to their payment transaction. This way, the scanner can cut processing time for your account’s receivable.

VoIP Phone Integration

Another pleasant surprise in the form of a tool you can expect from Rent Manager is the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. The telephone technology is able to set a communications plan to manage your daily tasks. 

The VoIP integration lets users interact with remote employees, as well as current and prospective tenants. The VoIP automatically identifies the specific caller and gives you relevant information about them. 

The property management software gives companies quick access to any previous communication history and anything else you need to help your conversations.

Resident Screening

It goes without saying you need to screen your tenants first and Rent Manager has you covered. The platform has integrated an advanced screening tool that allows you to check a prospect’s criminal, eviction, and credit history prior to entering into a rental agreement. 

With this professional property management software, you’re not only able to quickly convert prospects into residents, but you can also manage risk and avoid additional costs for removals. 

Application Programming Interface

To add additional flexibility to its suites, Rent Manager has created its own Application Programming Interface (API). The API lets users openly integrate with whichever vendor they choose. The platform is versatile, giving you the ability to embed and share data as you please.

Report Automation

With this integrated property management software you get access to more than 250 built-in reports that will help you analyze and answer questions about how your business is doing. 

These reports examine everything from the financial status of your portfolio to vacancies, service issues, rent roll, leasing, and more. 

Knowledge Base

Rent Manager’s learning resources will definitely help you get started with the software. Or if you’re someone looking for particular advice, you’ll find help with that too. The platform provides online training, which is particularly great as it’s not geographically constrained.

On Rent Manager’s website, you can also find their knowledge base. It includes step-by-step instructions, tested solutions, and FAQs. These resources provide all sorts of valuable information about property management software. 

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for you can always turn to Rent Manager’s support team. They rate high in terms of helpfulness and time for response. 


Rent Manager hasn’t clearly stated its pricing, which is not ideal. The price options are separated according to the features within the bundles. However, to get the pricing, you’ll have to email them and share your company’s information - industry, address, and phone numbers. 


Rent Manager is an all-round property management software, designed to work with all types of properties. It’s quite flexible and can aid you in various tasks like leasing, maintenance, accounting, marketing, and more. 

Rent Managers’ features include a property management database, contact management, a fully-integrated accounting system, and an open API for further customization. 

Rent Manager is an effective business-optimizing platform that is responsive and easy to manage. It’s a property management software that’s the best fit for middle-market businesses. But really, any type of property manager can take advantage of its tools.

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Best for: Commercial and mixed property portfolios.

5. Re-Leased


Easy to learn

Lots of integrations

Re-Leased is a cloud-based commercial property management solution. It’s suitable for a wide range of properties and property managers. The software can help you manage the lease for residential and commercial properties, co-working spaces, student accommodation, office units, and mixed family housing.

Re-Leased includes automated key features such as accounting, portfolio management, tenant communication, inspections, document storage, and compliance management. The extensive range of features Re-Leased integrates makes it one of the top tools on the market. 

Ease of use

Re-Leased is elegant and accurate. It definitely saves time by combining numerous features in one software. It’s quick and responsive. Customer support is friendly and helpful. It’s visually pleasing and has everything you need to manage your properties.

Device Compatibility

Re-Leased’s platform is quite flexible. You can use it from any type of device - computers, tablets, and smartphones (both on Android and iOS) all via the cloud. On-the-go or in the office, you’ll save valuable time as you can work on your tasks from any device.  

Additionally, Re-Leased has mobile apps tailored to the needs of tenants, landlords, and property managers. They provide the tools to ease communication for each of those users. 


Re-Leased property management software functions as a central hub where you can view upcoming tasks and automated workflows. 


From the dashboard, you can manage properties, collaborate, and delegate tasks across your team. You’ll manage your communication with tenants via email and text messages. The dashboard can be set to send you reminders on important tasks, and resolve issues in no time. 

Tenants can also take advantage of the software. Re-Leased allows administrators to assign access permissions. Tenants with granted access can view lease terms and payment history. They can also log maintenance issues and track the progress of their request. 

To guarantee that important business data never ends up in the wrong hands, the software is protected by enterprise-level security in the form of a two-factor authentication process. 

To access data, you’ll have to scan a unique code, generated from your Re-Leased mobile app. What’s more, the software is protected with encryption and is regularly tested by outsourced security companies. The property management software dashboard provides navigation convenience, backed with security.  

Financial features

Xero support:  Re-Leased integrates with one of the best accounting software Xero to take its property management functionality to the next level. This way, it allows for the synchronization of financial and tenant data in real-time. 

Supported by this integration, you’ll be able to automatically generate payment files to upload to your bank accounts. You can share invoices, contracts, and bank transactions from Xero to Re-Leased. 

Tenants payments

Re-Leased can also be automatically set up to charge tenants. It includes automated fee-charging for both percentage and flat fee. 

The platform integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Microsoft 365 that allows you to follow up on tasks. Once the fees are set up, the software can send alerts and reminders to property managers regarding payment dates and daily tasks. 

Re-Leased property management software also provides reviews, on a dashboard calendar. That calendar can also display other key action items, such as lease expiries, rent property inspections, and safety compliance. 

As a whole, the fact that Re-Leased has developed its own Application Programming Interface (API) has helped make synchronization with other software relatively easy and fast. The process cuts significant time from re-populating the same information and frees up resources you can use to grow your business. 


Re-Leased management console displays the main features you can work with and conveniently shows analytics based on real-time data. You’ll get insights into the highest-earning leases, the percentage of properties occupied, as well as profit and loss reports. 

The property management software can also be customized to include task reminders and information on any tenancies expiring, rent reviews due or property maintenance required.

Maintenance Features

Re-Leased platform is designed to give an overview of upcoming inspections in one easy-to-navigate place. The management software can automatically raise work orders and send emails to contractors for any property maintenance required. You won’t have to worry that you might forget a repair job as the software will automatically follow its progress. 

Knowledge Base

Re-Leased doesn’t have the most comprehensive set of learning materials, sadly. They’ve provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and count on their customer support to manage their clients’ queries.

Nevertheless, customer support employees are quite knowledgeable and polite - they respond with considerable speed. 


Re-leased provides demos so you can check out how the software performs with different tasks. However, they don’t really tell you how much the software features will cost you. There isn’t a clear division of features in bundles, so you can’t get an idea of that either. 

If you’re really interested in this particular property management software, you can request a pricing quote from the company’s website after you provide your company’s data of course. If you’re browsing for price comparison only, you might be disappointed. 


Re-Leased is easy to use. While its great variety of features may slow the learning process, the software is intuitive and support is always available


Re-leased is an automated, intelligent commercial property management software. It allows landlords and property managers to use it with both commercial and mixed property portfolios. It’s built to easily integrate into your daily work routine.

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Best for: Condos and HOAs

6. Condo Control Central

Good email management features

Fast response time

Highly customizable

Condo Control Central is an all-round condo and HOA property management software. The platform is fully digitalized and streamlines communication between property managers, condo board members, and residents. 

It has tools that aid property managers in dealing with tenants’ payments and any maintenance issues.  

You can store documents, deal with service requests, amenities, and bookings - and you can even handle parking permits. The versatility, with which Condo Control Central approaches property management, makes it one of the recommended solutions on this list.


At first look, Condo Control Central shows off a well-rounded set of features. Let’s look more in-depth and see how it works in practice: 


The software is managed through a full-service portal available for property managers, condo owners, and tenants. Property managers can use the portal to communicate with owners and residents, make and receive online payments, handle security, and keep records of all activities on a property. 

Any packages coming in can be easily put in the property inventory by the integrated barcode scanning system. It, in turn, will populate data straight into the software in no time. 

The portal has a self-service module for tenants to help them raise maintenance issues, make online payments, and keep track of everything in real-time. 

Online Calendar

As an administrator of the platform, you can automate your work by creating an online event calendar. The property management software will remind you to send files to tenants, as well as keep track and respond to residential service requests. 

You can even send invitations to tenants for upcoming events by sending messages to individual or multiple tenants. You won’t have any issues processing online bookings too, as Condo Central has tools for that.

Payment Features

On the platform, you can schedule repetitive payments and take records as the monthly payments go through. Condo Control Central supports online payments via Visa, MasterCard, or American Express without the need for cash or cheques. Additionally, you get automatic reports on your monthly incomes. 

This real estate property management software also integrates electronic signatures that will help you cut time in sending paperwork back and forth. 

Security & Reporting Features: Condo Control’s platform supports security features that grant all parties access to incident report tools, security logs, parking permits, key records, and entry requests. 

The software supports push notifications for management staff, contractors, and clients. It makes sure you stay up-to-date with everything that is happening with the property. 

Ease of use

Condo Control Central is highly customizable, which makes it a good choice for any property manager. There is a big chance they got a feature for any task you may think of. On top of that, this property management software is really simple and easy to use. 

Device Compatibility

Condo Control is available both on Android and iOS mobile devices. It offers a range of features, all accessible from your pocket. You won’t have any issues dealing with tasks on the go. The range of functionalities the mobile application provides will make sure you stay on top of everything. 


With Condo Control Central, users are able to create custom websites to advertise their properties. Using the platform for marketing campaigns will no doubt optimize your return on investment in it. 


Condo Control Central has separated its pricing into two bundles of features. The core and the premium plans of the property management software include all features that the platform offers. 

Depending on your needs you can choose either. The price, however, is not disclosed and you’ll have to email your request to get it. 


Customer support is available from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. For non-urgent requests, you can always email their team. Issues are handled fast and support employees are always knowledgeable. 


Condo Control Central really takes real estate management to the next level in terms of attention to detail. It covers much more than what your average property management software usually does. 

The platform covers the basics such as billing, letting, and communications. It adds tasks like customer surveys and logging deliveries to properties. Property owners and managers can even monitor resident parking permits and their use. 

The software is designed specifically for condo rental businesses and it covers the needs of condo property managers.

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Best for: Enterprises.

7. MRI Software

Very customizable

Navigation is intuitive

Reports are easy to run

MRI Software is a widely-used tool, trusted by thousands. It mainly targets larger enterprises and it’s one of the longest-running property management platforms out there. 

Founded in 1969 as Qube Global Software, its creators have spent the last 50 years tuning it to perfection to make it excellent software

MRI software delivers a sophisticated property management solution, which is used by over 10,000 people across the world. The software is easy to use and focused on investors and managers of larger organizations. 

MRI’s platform is suitable for a range of real-estate businesses - commercial, residential, mixed-use, and student properties, which makes its features versatile and all-encompassing


MRI includes contact management, tools for billing and invoicing, insurance management and other financial instruments like lease and tax management. 

The property management software incorporates a landlord and tenant database and is able to track rent and late fees if needed. Maintenance tracking is also included. 

Financial suite 

MRI’s financial bundle has at its disposal the centralized data feature that you can use to hold and manage your entire financial data. The tool helps keep track of financial transactions with minimum errors. 

The financial bundle of the software is easy to integrate directly with your property management system. The interface is user-friendly and provides greater visibility into the financial performance with access to all levels of portfolio data. 

The financial bundle is indispensable if your goal is to streamline accounting and reporting. You’re additionally able to automate payables and update accounting regulations. MRI’s financial tools can accommodate capabilities from third-parties like electronic payments and debt collection. 

MRI’s real estate financial software is built on Platform X. That means the software is flexible and can be molded to meet the needs of a variety of property management companies. 

Commercial Suite:  MRI software has a lease administration feature that helps you gather all your lease information in one place and keep your teams updated on tenants and vacancies.  

The commercial suite comes with tools that improve the performance of retail operations. Lease calculations are automated and retail lease offsets, breakpoints, and recoveries are included.  

The commercial suite of MRI also gives you the ability to scale and automate the property management software to your needs. This will not only give you more freedom but it will also simplify the management process

A whole set of complex tasks can be automated - including payments and recoveries. The data repository gives you access to the latest tenant information. 

The residential software gives you one of the best configurable reporting and data visualization tools on the property management market. Those allow you to better understand how your business is doing and adapt the solution to your needs.

Reporting & Analytics

MRI reporting tools allow you to generate reports, tailored to your exact needs at whatever time is best for you. The drag-and-drop reporting tool helps you select predefined data points and view them in a report. It’s a fast and convenient way to get instant insight into your data. 

The Report Gateway tool streamlines your reporting process and displays the information in a central place where users with permission can access and leverage it. By visualizing data, identifying trends, and whatever hides behind those trends, companies can make timely and strategic property management decisions. 

MRI has thought of how to push business development and implemented the needed features in its tool. 


MRI software is available in the cloud as SaaS and through its web console. The software supports mobile apps for iOS and Android

The software gives users the ability to be constantly connected to rental property management services. Users can work directly from their mobile devices anywhere they are, and have access to all the information they need at all times.

Ease of use

MRI’s interface is user-friendly and the reports are easy to run. If you need the reports can be exported to PDF and Excel spreadsheets. Sometimes the startup time on the web-based version of the software can be long, though.

Maintenance Features

Through the portal, both property managers and residents can access the management system of the software. Maintenance Connect, the dedicated maintenance toolset of this software can help streamline the way users communicate issues with third parties.  

Tenants and contractors can automatically submit property maintenance requests directly through the software’s platform at any time. This way, they can reduce the administrative weight on managers and other staff. The software also provides updates on the status of requests or assignments with automated notifications. 

Property managers can efficiently manage vendor documentation from a centralized location. Suppliers can update their information online. This will ensure you always have their most recent information. In effect, you save time that you can, in turn, invest in other business-critical tasks.  

Knowledge Base

To help you throughout the learning process MRI Software provides customers with data sheets, case studies, and webinars

The residential property management software has video courses, broken down into categories according to its bundles. The courses are either live or pre-recorded and many of them are free. 


MRI property management software is predominantly aimed at corporate users, so the pricing of the bundles isn’t available on their website. 

If you’re interested in more, you’ll need to get in touch with MRI and provide company information to receive an offer. In the meantime, you can request a demo to see if it’s the software for you. 


MRI software has several tiers of support. Live support, self-service support resources available 24/7, and concierge support. The last one is a specially-designed package of enhanced services and is chargeable.  


MRI Software is an all-round property management software that offers commercial and residential property management solutions. Its platform also offers services such as accounting, investment management, facilities management, as well as operations and regulatory compliance

MRI aims to cover every administrative aspect of the business and is quite well received by many enterprise-level companies. However, MRI is not the best fit for small landlords.

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Best for: Customization via numerous modules

8. Yardi Property Manager

Rich set of options and features

Customizable reports

Detailed filtering options

Yardi is a cloud-based property management software. It’s suitable for both commercial and residential estates. Yardi is designed to serve all types of businesses - from small property owners to large enterprises. 

Its platform encompasses a full range of features that cover accounting, as well as maintenance service. Its 360 degrees approach makes it one of the best property management software on the market. 


Yardi software is probably the most comprehensive property manager I’ve tested. Its add-on modules are designed to allow you to manage all types of properties. Single or multi-family homeowners, senior assisted housing, condos, HOAs, and industrial properties can be handled with this property management software.  

The platform integrates compliance, property management, and accounting within one centralized database.


The database is designed to improve operational efficiency and increase business intelligence. It’s like a storage room for your business, except it’s neat and tidy. 

Here, users can access all critical information and workflows from their entire portfolio. From one single, centralized location, property managers and owners are able to manage leasing, perform accounting tasks, monitor maintenance jobs, and gather business insights. 

The database helps you streamline processes and tasks you would otherwise invest a lot of time in. Lease administration, work order approval, purchase order management, and move-in and move-out processing can all be automated with Yardi property management software. Imagine the valuable time saved and re-directed toward more crucial business matters. 

Budgeting and Forecasting

The budgeting and forecasting features help you start off things by creating accurate budget projections. The financial features allow you to generate worksheets based on details from actual tenant leases.

The budget worksheets are displayed on the screen in a standard spreadsheet format that is easy to navigate. Best of all, you can modify data and report information and even get projections on your budgets with this property management software.

The budgeting and forecasting option is an opt-in feature. But once you have it, you’ll be able to use data from actual transactions. That way, you can create and compare budget projections.

Automated Lease Administration

The platform will hold all your lease terms and other important documentation in one place. You’ll have easy access at any given time and will be able to automate your lease-signing process with the electronic signature the software supports. 

You can analyze your workflows and other critical data to optimize your work and decision-making. This can all happen in a clear and visible way through the professional management software. All your work can be shared with other stakeholders through Yardi if needed.

Online Payment

With the Yardi Electronic Payment module you will cut time for rent collection with a one-step solution. You’ll be able to automate tenant records, while you receive payments directly to your bank accounts. 

You can add browser-based and mobile app payment tools to help redirect your rent payments online and benefit from the time you’ll save. 

With the online payment features, you can help tenants check their balances and receive instant notifications via texts at any time. The platform will save you from waiting in queues at banks, and it will streamline your operations

Construction Management

Yardi’s construction management module is designed to keep track of all types of construction projects. 

Property management companies can use it to track tenant improvement jobs. Alternatively, developers can use the platform to raise buildings from the ground up. The module allows users to supervise all tasks involved in the process - payments, job budgets, progress tracking, and reports.

Yardi’s construction management includes a collection of features that help users tailor the property software to their needs. These features are grouped into four main categories: job management, change orders, subcontracts, and receivables. Your work is broken down and organized to simplify and optimize workflows.  


Every good property management software includes a maintenance module and Yardi is no different. The maintenance management the platform provides is a comprehensive system that helps manage the daily upkeep. 

The features allow you to promptly create work orders, track job progress, deal with purchases and deliveries, and process payables. You can save yourself a lot of time using the drop-down vendor list, along with pricing, available stock, authorization names and multiple report options

Yardi’s maintenance module is a perfect tool for managers of any property type. If you’re looking to get maximum control of maintenance-related tasks and expenditures, the software won’t disappoint. 

Ease of use

Yardi management platform is expandable and flexible. It supports integrations with other software products from Yardi and third-party suppliers and creates an all-in-one management experience. 


Yardi integrates mobile apps, suitable for any tablets and smartphones that operate with Android or iOS. With the apps, you’ll gain the mobility every manager in the 21st century needs. You’ll be able to manage large portfolios and carry out tasks from your mobile devices anywhere. 


Unfortunately, Yardi’s pricing is available only upon request. You have to provide details about your organization and specify your needs prior to receiving an offer. If you’re on the hunt for a property management software and wouldn’t mind investing time in research, waiting wouldn’t be an issue. 

Knowledge base

Yardi has plenty of educational content on their website. Everything is categorized and easy to navigate. You can browse by topics or solutions. The company has taken to heart the task of educating prospects and clients. 


Yardi’s support covers everything from technical support, implementation, and training. The support teams offer professional services that cover anything you might want to know about the software. 

If you don’t want to deal with software updates and maintenance you can take advantage of Yardi’s software as a service (SaaS) option. Yardi’s team will make sure you’re taking advantage of one of the best software for property management, while you concentrate on growing your business.


Yardi’s extensible architecture is unparalleled. Users can expand the platform’s core capabilities by adding any of the other software products from Yardi. You can customize it to your specific needs. Yardi offers a complete and comprehensive property management solution. 

The products and modules provide property managers with capabilities and advanced features that aid run the entire business administration. 

Anything from online payment processing, energy management, facility management, maintenance, procurement, insurance management, screening, and business intelligence can be run through Yardi.

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Best for: Small property owners.

9. Avail

Free plan

Easy to use

Rent Price Analysis

Avail is a cloud-based property management software that helps manage every aspect of the rental process and provides tools, support, and education materials to landlords. It’s suitable for small business owners. 

Property management requires the coordination of finding tenants, signing leases, and following on credit history and rent collection. Avail helps with all that from a single interface.

Ease of use

Avail is intuitive and extremely easy to use. While the software runs you won’t experience any issues. The platform’s templates are highly customizable, but you can always upload your own if you’d like. For example - your own lease agreement. 

The flexibility of the professional property management software provides a great way to automate your tasks, while preserving what’s important to your business. 


Currently, Avail is available on web browsers only. While the software is optimized for mobile use, it doesn’t offer a stand-alone mobile app. The company plans to develop mobile apps for Android and iOS.  


The platform offers a step-by-step guide to help landlords create comprehensive rental listings, which are published across the web to simplify lead generation.


Avail offers full-service management portals for both landlords and tenants. Through the portals, you can sign leases, track and make payments and keep maintenance issues under control

Landlords are able to customize their advertisement and tenant search, screen applicants, and find the best tenant for their property. Lease templates can be customized to answer any specific needs. Landlords can also request and process rents online. Maintenance issues are also easy to manage on the platform. 

The tenant portal allows you to build your profile and develop it with time, as Avail offers automatic residence history updates. Your tenants can electronically sign leases and pay online instantly. 

The property management software provides convenience, streamlining all the tasks you would otherwise spend a lot of time tackling one-by-one. With Avail, residents can even set up auto-payments and not miss any due rents. 

Tenant Screening

Avail provides the tools to guarantee you’re choosing the right tenants. The solution streamlines communication and makes it easy to create a list with prescreening questions and schedule showings with the potential tenants. The process is smooth and seamless

Digital Leases

Avail offers easy-to-tailor and lawyer-approved lease templates. The residential property management software makes it easy to change and add rules, clauses, and attachments before sending the document out for signing. 

You’re even able to upload your own lease templates. Once they’ve been e-signed, your leases become legally binding and can easily be downloaded or printed. 

Online payments

Avail can save you the hassle of driving up and down to collect rent payments each month. To that end, the platform supports online payments. Streamlining the rent payments is a timesaver for both tenants and landlords. 

Avail’s automated payment features support payment tracking, receipts, auto-pay, and reminder emails.  You can even use the property management software for tax purposes. 

Maintenance tracking

Dealing with maintenance issues requires speed and accuracy. With Avails maintenance features, landlords get instant notifications when a tenant launches a maintenance request.

The in-app instant messaging makes it possible to communicate with the client to understand the problem before sending a repairman. The communication allows you to promptly solve issues with great precision.

Rent Price Analysis

Analyses are important, there’s no denying that. Avail aids homeowners to make data-driven decisions for their properties. 

The analytics features of the property management software are the best at helping you see how your rental compares to nearby investors. This way, you can set the proper prices for your properties. The information is available instantly. 

Together with nearby property prices, you’ll get an automated rent estimate for your property, rent benchmarks for comparable units, and country rent trends.

Knowledge base

Avail has made sure it keeps its customers up-to-date with everything that is going on in the news section. Additionally, there’s plenty of educational material, such as articles and guides. Users also have access to state regulations concerning landlords and tenants for the 50 states. 


The pricing structure of Avail makes it even more attractive. The software comes in two bundles. The Unlimited and the Unlimited Plus Plan cover all the software’s features. Best of all, the Unlimited plan of the property management software is free for landlords and the Unlimited Plus plan is only $5 per unit per month.


To get in touch with Avail support, you can message the company or call their contact number within working hours. There’s a section with FAQs, where you can find answers to some of your questions. A community website is also available to help you get started with the software and provide support along the way.


Avail is a compact and straight to the point landlord property management software that best serves small property owners. It offers tools for finding tenants, advertising property vacancies, pre-screening applicants, carrying out credit history checks, processing payments, signing lease contracts, and more. 

The software is able to streamline most of your property management tasks. It comes in a sleek and simple interface that’s easy to navigate. Avail is a great choice for small businesses, but can be scaled to carry out tasks for more properties. Its price is very competitive and the free bundle option is tempting. 

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Best for: Optimizing business processes for small companies.

10. Rentec Direct

Easy to understand and use

Extensive integration capabilities

Good customer service

Rentec Direct is a web-based property management solution, developed to streamline and automate the process as much as it is possible.  It comes with a robust set of tools that handles maintenance, tenants, accounting, and even bank records.

Rentec Direct’s full-featured management system is designed to suit the needs of property managers that manage different portfolios - from 1 to 5,000 properties. Its adaptability is one of the key features that makes it a contender on our list.

Ease of use

Rentec is easy to use and comprehensive property management platform. It allows you to automate and streamline many activities that both save time and improve your business’s performance. 


Rentec is available as a Cloud service, SaaS, or through its web platform. 

For anyone on-the-go, the software has mobile apps that support all the features. iOS or Android users won’t have any issues using the software from anywhere with an internet connection.   


Rentec is a fully-featured property management solution. Here's what it has in store for you.


Rentec software offers its users a set of accounting features to help keep up with basic accounting for any property, as well as the management of tenants. 

Through the platform, managers and owners are able to track what’s happening to every single property in a separate account.  The platform automates data entry and saves you the job of entering and re-entering the same information. 

Rentec supports online payments. With Rent Direct tenants can set one-time or recurring payments with credit or debit cards and send them through with the e-check feature. Tenants can also set e-deposits and not worry about that either. 

The platform can save property managers a lot of time in going around collecting payments and waiting at banks to deposit checks.

The software’s clear reporting features offer detailed management information on your property clients. You get financial reports, which are specific and quick to generate and then share via mail, in pdf or excel. 

Another report feature includes tenant screening. With the tenant screening package, you’ll be able to check for criminal records, address history, credit scores, and any eviction records. 


Rentec developers win golden points for offering free of charge and highly customizable websites to every customer. The best part is you can use the rental management software to promote your properties for free. You get to the right tenants more easily with customized listings.

The owner’s portal gives real-time property performance insights that will ensure you stay on top of everything. You can access the portal through a profile available on desktop and mobile. Property managers can view files, performances, and share information on each of the managed properties. 

HelloSign is the integration that allows Rentec to turn the burden of lease signing into a thing of the past. On the platform, you’re able to upload any lease agreements and enable the e-signing option that will legally bind your tenants. Then you can safely store all your property documents in one place in Rentec’s file library. 

The tenant portal allows your residents to quickly and easily report on any maintenance issues. As a manager or owner, you get those notifications directly in your mailbox or as a text message and can react promptly to any emergencies. 

The work order platform helps you assign the work to the right vendor. You can attach photos and invoices for reference and approval by the owners. You’ll get clear records on any issues - what the problem was, how long it took to solve it, and how much it cost. 

Knowledge base

Rentec has plenty of educational material on its website. The platform covers the usual FAQs and contributes to its users’ learning process with webinars and articles on different topics. The company also has an educational blog where you can find all sorts of interesting guides. 


Rentec includes free US-based support and training. Their support team is very responsive and always knowledgeable. You can contact them during business hours or send your questions in an email. Either way, you can be sure your request will be handled promptly and with care. 


Rentec Direct pricing starts at $35 per month if you own up to 10 units. Plus all plans have two weeks of free trial period. The cost rises with the increasing number of units, but the pricing is still very competitive

The company's primary target is landlords with a small number of residences, but the solution is robust enough to handle larger property portfolios as well. The platform doesn’t have startup fees or term commitments, which makes it ideal for those who want to test it first. 


Rentec Direct platform is a full-featured and extensive property manager. It includes tenant screening, accounting, online payments, document organization, and advertising, all run from an online system. 

The solution has a comprehensive toolset that offers professional property management for small businesses. It’s easy to navigate and control and it’s sure to deliver great results when it comes to optimizing business processes.

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10 Additional Property Management Software Worth Considering

The property software market is considerably big and while we’ve picked our top 10 for you, there is plenty of other software worth considering. Each has its own selling points. 

So, here are 10 more property management software to keep in mind: 

1. FantasticStay

FantasticStay is a cloud-based management software for vacation rentals. From its platform, you can easily keep in touch with clients. You’ll stay on top of everything and manage bookings effectively.


Advertisements can be overseen from your account, and sent to providers such as Airbnb. You have the tools to clone properties and have child listings under a parent property. Many of the platform’s features can be automated and save you time. 

Website features

FantasticStay even provides website-building features so you can make sure your listings are marketed just how you want. The tool helps you present your properties in line with your company’s branding strategy and save you money you’d otherwise spend advertising on other platforms. So it is really one of the best commercial property management software.


FantasticStay’s website is full of educational material - articles, user guides, and FAQs, that will ensure you have everything you need to learn all about the software. 


Pricing of FantasticStay starts at $0. The free bundle property management software offers the basic features of the platform, which is the best value for money, obviously. That said, the paid plans deliver much more. To top it off, in any case, the solution’s price is very competitive. 


FantasticStay provides a ticketing system, where you can submit any question in the form of a ticket that their support team will handle promptly. 

Pros Cons
One communication hub No training
Robust reporting  No free trial

2. LiveTour

LiveTour if you’re looking for a software that visualizes your properties in a unique and attractive way, LiveTour by iStaging is a good choice. The property management software provides the best 360-degree, augmented, as well as virtual reality experiences. 

It helps virtually transport your prospect into the home you want to sell. The software needs little to no training to use. 

You simply take photos of your properties and upload them into the system. You can then use their online tour builder to put the tours together and then integrate them on your website. Your prospects will be able to view them online or even with a Virtual Reality headset.

Knowledge base

LiveTour has a pretty useful blog where you can find tips and expert advice on how to build your own virtual tour and attractive listings presentation. Along with that, you can always count on the Help Center and FAQ sections to support you through your learning journey. 


The best thing about LiveTour is that it is really affordable property management software. Its pricing starts as low as $5 per month and includes 3 live tours. If you need to create more than that, you can upgrade to the Annual 10 or Annual 25 plans that cover up to 25 tours and the price is on an annual basis. 


Through LiveTours you can submit queries via emails only. But the company has done its best to supply a comprehensive database of information on its Help Center page. 

Pros Cons
Interactive selling No training
Traffic analysis No live support

3. Building Engines

Building Engines is software that focuses on the management of commercial properties. It’s a bigger platform, with many features. With Building Engines you can set targets for sales and service delivery, track performance automatically, and compare it to your benchmarks. 

The platform features go beyond just booking and payment. Its web and mobile platforms are designed to show core metrics that help you manage clients’ expectations and measure satisfaction

Some of Building Engines’ key features are full-featured portals, available for owners,  tenants, and vendors, as well as messaging, resource scheduling, preventive maintenance, and incident tracking.

Knowledge base

Beyond the blog, the podcasts, and the videos, Building Engines provides extensive training materials on how to get started and keep the learning curve as even as possible.  


Building Engines’s website doesn’t provide information on their pricing. The actual quote they give you will depend on the type of properties you manage, the size of your portfolio and the period of the term agreement. 

In addition, you can request a demo of the software to make sure it’s the right solution for you.


Building Engines support team can be contacted via email or phone. Their office team can be contacted via telephone or live chat from Monday to Friday - 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m

Customers also get the best after-hours support - free and unlimited, as part of their contract agreement with the property management software. 

Pros Cons
Highly-configurable tenant service No free trial
Actionable analyses Pricing only per request

4. TenantCloud

TenantCloud is a multifaceted cloud-based property management software, designed for landlords, tenants, and vendors. It comes with a range of features from listing management and tenant screening, to automatic invoicing and maintenance request management

The platform’s interface is highly customizable and compatible with mobile devices so you can use the software on any device and track properties on the go. 

With TenantCloud as their property management software, landlords and property managers are able to handle tasks concerning accounting, work orders management, online rental applications, and online rent collection. 

You also get reports that are highly customizable. Finally, TenantCloud integrates marketing tools that help you advertise in different listing websites. Or, you can even create your own websites and market your properties there. 

Knowledge base

The Tenant Cloud help center provides a variety of materials to aid users to get started with the software. Additionally, it provides articles answering questions on most trending topics. The platform runs a blog that adds useful insights and provides tips. 


Tenant Cloud property management prices are arranged in several bundles, starting with the completely free Basic software plan, that’s suitable for DIY landlords that manage up to 75 units

Their most popular bundle - the Advance one, covers up to 500 units and is most suitable for property managers looking to get the most out of their property management software. 


Tenant Cloud provides telephone support to their customer with representatives available to answer any queries. Additionally, users can raise tickets and get the tech support they need. 

Pros Cons
Highly-Customizable No live support
Good value for money Issues with profiles after upgrades


TOPS ONE is a property management software for condos, HOAs, and CO-OPs.

The software brings your entire property management in one place.  All its tools are automated and that makes community association management an easy job. 

Tops One can save you time without sacrificing the quality of service. Its toolset helps you gather insight on financials, tickets, owners, and properties. 

With it, you can give other stakeholders read access, so they can keep up with the community. They’ll also be able to track the history of every property. The software supports a rich accounting system that handles receivables, payables, and general ledger.

Knowledge base

On Tops One page you’ll find a helpful blog covering a variety of topics that aim to give you a bit more information not only on the property management software but on other important topics as well.

For further assistance, you can always turn to the company’s telephone support. Or sign up for the industry-related newsletter.


Tops One pricing is separated into three price groups, covering all the functionalities of the platform. The Essential bundle starts at just $0.75 per unit with a minimum fee of $375 per month. The Advanced bundle starts from $500 per month and the Enterprise one - from $625 per month. 

If you’re looking for a solution with as a wide range of features as possible, I would suggest going for the enterprise package. This way, you’ll get everything Tops One property management software has to offer to companies.  


As Tops One customer, you will get comprehensive support services that start even before setting up the software. The company provides free consultations to answer questions you may have prior to purchasing the software. 

Once you get the software, you’re supported by an implementation team that is there to help you adjust every feature to your needs. Then, if during your contract period you have any issues, you can count on Tops One’s customer success team. 

Pros Cons
Intuitive design No free trial 
Powerful accounting module  No training

6. Mashvisor

Mashvisor is a property management software, aimed primarily at real estate investors. It analyses data and provides insights on properties most suitable for investment. It comes equipped with an intuitive property finder and a robust lead qualification tool. 

Mashvisor gives you a hand in the search process and automates the evaluation process to save you valuable time. 

The platform’s built-in features simplify the profitability and performance evaluation by forecasting the financial performance of property listed traditionally or on Airbnb, for example. 

It also calculates the costs, associated with the property, and compares it to similar properties on the market. The software leverages data analytics and thus provides fact-checked property management recommendations. Its interface is easy and interactive. 

Knowledge base

Mashvisor’s educational infrastructure is rich and informative. The platform provides data methodology materials, articles, and guides, tutorials in the form of videos and marker reports, following the latest trends.


Mashvisor’s basic plan starts at $25 per month and covers the essential features of the platform. If you’re looking for greater flexibility you can try the professional plan at $50 per month or the expert bundle for $80 per month.

The best thing here is that the company provides a 14-days free trial of the property management software. That’s ideal if you’re having any doubts if Mashvisor is the right choice. 


If you need help or have any questions you can always contact the company at the provided telephone number within working hours or send a message at any time. Their support team is quick to respond with tips and advice. 

Pros Cons
Good lead qualification tool Pricing not completely transparent
Neighborhood Analysis No training

7. RealPage

RealPage is a detailed and adept property management software that streamlines the administration of rental businesses. It provides data analytics to improve operating performance and increase capital returns.

RealPage covers all types of properties. You can use it as property management software for conventional residences, enterprises, institutional and affordable HUD, student housing, military living, senior living, single-family, and vacation rentals.

RealPage’s integrated features include utility management, resident screening, online leasing, applicant waitlist. The wide range of tools aims to increase efficiency and answer all business needs.

Knowledge base

RealPage has a separate section on their website targeted to educate prospects and customers. The Learning Management System is interesting and interactive and uses different tools like videos and e-books to educate you and your employees. 

Additionally, the company provides webinars and workshops. You can also take advantage of their Product Learning Portal. 


RealPage doesn’t provide pricing on their website. The price will depend on your needs and requirements. If you’re interested you can always email them your details and get a quote in no time. 

With RealPage property management software, you don’t get a free trial. This is not exactly optimal, though, considering you don’t know the price from the start. 


You can ask your questions through RealPage’s website form, or you can contact them on their landlines. They cover telephone support both during working hours and at the weekend. 

Pros Cons
Compliance Monitoring Pricing only through quotes
Document Encryption No free trial

8. Entrata

Entrata is a comprehensive online property management software with an open-access Platform as a Service (PaaS) system. It provides multiple online tools like websites, mobile apps, payments, lease signing, accounting, and resident management. 

The platform’s open API allows you to add third-party integrations and have the freedom to customize the software in a way to best fit your needs.

One of the most impressive features Entrata offers is the SmartProperty tool. It connects the property management software to your smart devices. SmartProperty allows hardware such as thermostats, lights, locks, and water sensors from multiple units to be connected to a central hub.

Knowledge base

Entrata doesn’t provide a separate section with educational resources. That said, their services menu pretty much guides their users on how to turn the software into an asset for their business. And, you can always sign-up for their newsletter.


Entrata’s core features come free of charge. However, if you want to add more functionalities that are aimed at larger organizations - enterprise pricing is available upon request from the sales team.


You can send demo requests and other questions through Entrata’s website form, or you can contact the property management software representatives on their landlines. Their support is adequate and prompt.

Pros Cons
Forecasting No landlord database
Smart devices integration No free trial

9. Propertyware

Propertyware is a property management software, hosted on the cloud. It’s best-suited for single property owners and low-density rental units.  

It offers a range of on-demand property tools like hosted websites, online payment processing via cards and eChecks, electronic signature, and work order management. It integrates customer portals, inspections, and trust accounting. 

Propertyware integrates all core functions into a single platform and eliminates the need to deal with multiple software and applications. 

You have it all in one place - whether you need to communicate something through, deal with a maintenance issue, or receive payment - the Propertyware streamlines your tasks and saves you management time. Propertyware can customize and automate every process.

Knowledge Base

Through the resources section on the single-family property management software webpage, you have access to e-books, webcasts, videos, and case studies. You can even schedule an appointment through the events page if Propertyware organizes a meeting near you. Their blog discusses trending topics and gives useful tips. 


Propertyware has separated their pricing into three plans. The basic bundle starts at as low as $1 per unit per month, but with a minimum of 250 units. The other two bundles - the plus and premium cost $1.50 and $2 respectively, and the two also have a requirement of minimum charge per month. 

For the plus plan that’s $350 and for the premium - $450. With all the plans you’re charged an implementation fee, depending on your plan. If you have any doubts, you can take advantage of the free trial of the property management software and check if Propertyware is the best choice for you. 


With Propertyware you can always get implementation and training support. The company provides telephone support as well. You can contact the support team from Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m to 7 p.m.  

Pros Cons
Vast capabilities Technical support not ideal
Highly customizable A bit costly

10. ResMan

ResMan is a flexible residential property management software that easily streamlines and automates key processes for the multi-family property management business. Its software platform provides automation tools that improve operational effectiveness and productivity. 

With ResMan, you can take advantage of a simplified experience and access all the data anytime. The platform has features to deal with both operational and accounting needs. 

ResMan has an open API and that gives you the freedom to add any functionalities you want. As a ResMan customer, you’re able to create personalized best-in-class solutions that serve your needs. 

End users can personalize the property management software’s dashboards, access and manage document storage and undertake unrestricted resident revisions.

Knowledge base

ResMan provides a comprehensive database of helpful materials. On its website, you can find whitepapers, videos and webinars, case studies, and top-rated articles. ResMan blogs discuss a range of topics any property manager would find helpful. 


ResMan’s SMB and enterprise pricing plan information is available only upon request. However, you can take advantage of their demo to get an idea of what ResMan can offer. 


ResMan provides support to its customers in three ways. Through the software’s full-service portal, owners and tenants can access knowledge base articles. If you need live support, you can also turn to the live chat option or ring the telephone support. Both are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Pros Cons
Easy to navigate No free trial
A wide range of features Price only through quotes

How To Choose Your Property Management Software?

Before deciding on buying a subscription for any property management software, you need to be sure you’re making the right decision.

How do you do that?

Answer a few important questions first:

What Is the Best Software for My Size of Business?

Any solution that you choose to work with needs to be best-suited for the volume of your operation. If you’re a small business owner and rent out just a few apartments, you wouldn’t need an unnecessarily complicated property management software. 

The same goes for larger enterprises. You’ll need software that has features that are sure to cover any work task. Plus the bigger the operation, the more stable and robust the platform needs to be. 

What Do You Want to Accomplish With the Software?

You need to take into account what functionalities you want the property manager to cover. What do you need to use it for, and what more do you plan to do with it in the future? Answer that, and then choose your platform accordingly. 

What Is Your Budget?

That’s an important question to answer. You need to have all the features to properly manage your sites, but also at a price that justifies your investment. Don’t go overboard when you can easily find a good solution at an affordable price. 

The best part is there are many property management software that are completely free - and they offer plenty of useful functions. 

Wrap Up

Investing in property management software will no doubt boost your business growth. Choosing the right solution will mean you can optimize your workflows, automate tasks, and add powerful analytics. 

The vastness of information, however, can be quite overwhelming. Use our list as a starting point.

We are rooting for you to make the right decision and choose the best property management software for your business. Which one do you think suits you?


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